Semester in Review: Autumn 2018 (Freshman Year)

This semester has presented many obstacles that I have had to face. I have learned new things that I never knew about myself until I had to live on my own, take care of myself on my own, and still remain responsible with my school work and grades. I have had to experience break downs and growths that I never had to when I lived under my parents’ roof. Through all these personal experiences, I’ve grown, learned, and discovered resources to help me adjust to the amount of changes I have had on my journey. Even though it has taken a good portion of the semester to adjust and realize the changes that needed to be made to result in success during my time here, I’m relieved to have discovered these important changes before it was too late to change my ways. I have gained new friendships, especially in my scholars program, and participated in volunteer opportunities that have helped me adjust to my first semester here. On top of doing social activities, I have also found effective study spots around campus that allow me to have time to focus on my school work and create future goals for myself.

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