Steps for Sarcoma

My Biological Sciences Scholars Program got to volunteer at the Steps for Sarcoma walk/run. Steps for Sarcoma raises money for orthopaedic sarcoma pilot research, and promotes improved patient outcomes and quality of life. My position was at the dog station, where I handed out bowls of water and doggy bags to the
participants who had dogs with them. It was an experience to interact with the other workers at the table, and the runner/walkers and their dogs as they came by us.


Columbus Zoo: Animal Health Rehabilitation Center Tour

The Biological and Health Sciences Scholars took a trip to the Columbus Zoo. During the trip, we got to take a tour through the Animal Health Rehabilitation 
Center and see where the veterinarians and vet technicians cared for the animals. Animals were brought here if they were sick, injured, or if they needed a check-up. We got to learn about the history of the center and about personal projects some of the veterinarians have done. In the picture below, the picture frame talks about the “giraffe project”, which is one of the projects completed by a veterinarian at the center. The veterinarian on this project got to travel to Africa to complete a blood test on a giraffe to learn more about them. This newly renovated center now allows the staff to have the best space and resources to keep the animals healthy. We got a glimpse at how close the animals are with the staff, and the trust the staff has developed with the animals is unbreakable. They informed us that the trust betweeen the staff and the animals is their top priority, next to their health, because having their trust allows them to complete tasks more efficiently and take care of their health properly. This tour gave me the opportunity to see how the animals are cared for, and what the facilities look like.

Star House

The Biological Sciences Scholars Program went to volunteer at Star House in Columbus to sort through the donations and organize the donation room. We were able to learn about Star House history and what they offer to the homeless youth that come to them. Star House provides the youth homeless and alone with food, clothing, backpacks and bags, and hygiene items. Not only do they provide these basic items, they also offer two full-time therapists who are there to provide individualized treatment. The therapists also connect the youth to other resources in the area to provide them with additional help, and they also serve as advocates to help the youth accomplish their goals. I have attached the website if access is needed for more information on volunteering, donating, or receiving help from them!