Since I have been at The Ohio State University, I have had volunteer opportunities that are logged below. These opportunities are thoroughly explained under the “artifacts” tab. I plan to continue participating in any volunteer opportunities that I encounter. My short-term volunteer opportunities include:

Wesley Glen Retirement Community: 4 hours

Star House: 2 hours

Steps for Sarcoma: 3 1/2 hours

Mid-Ohio Food Bank: 4 hours

Long-term volunteer opportunities:

The James Cancer Hospital:

I have a weekly volunteer shift of 2 hours, and so far I have accumulated 20 hours.


My volunteer opportunities have allowed me to gain skills of leadership, confidence, and have shown me how to interact better with others. My position at the hospital has shown me how a clinic runs, how to interact with patients, nurses, and doctors that are there, how to clean rooms, the process of taking patients to check-out , and many other skills that will help me in my future career in the medical field. This particular opportunity allows me to see a glimpse of how my future will look.

Attached is my resume listing my achievements and activities thus far:


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