Autumn 2017 Review

This semester, my first at THE Ohio State University, has been a wild ride. Even now while I’m typing this selection I can’t believe how I am through my first semester and how much things have changed. I have successfully transitioned from living in a small rural area to living as a college students at one of the biggest universities in the country. I have made many friends and have had some incredible experiences.

Being involved in Biological Sciences Scholars I have been introduced too many new people with similar interests to me as well as provided me with the opportunity to engage in many cool experiences. Through my scholars program I have done everything from volunteer for the Steps for Sarcoma 5k, to participating in study groups with my fellow members, to playing flag football in the scholars intramural league. I also volunteered in August for Community Commitment where Ohio State sent students all over Columbus to volunteer to help the community. My group didn’t get to travel Columbus but I did pick up trash in the residential area around campus. I also met some of my closest friends at the cookie baking night early in the semester.

Besides my scholars group I have also been involved with two religious organizations, CRU and the Newman Center, both have which helped me develope not only a better relationship with God but also with many new people. This has improved my social skills interacting with new people but also my leadership skills as I was involved with Freshman Leadership Team with CRU. Along with these groups I was also involved with Pre-med club. This helped me gain a better understanding of the medical school selection process as well as what I should be doing as an undergrad. Along with clubs I also did many fun things with friends. We have had countless movie nights and nights of playing cards. We also have experienced a fun and sometimes too exciting football season and haven started basketball. With everything I did this semester has gone by so fast but at the same time it feels there is now way I did all of these things in only 3 months.

I have grown and matured in many ways since I have arrived on campus. I have become increasingly independent. Moving out and living on my own has been a huge adjustment but I believe I have come out on top. When I cam hereI was unsure of myself and looked to others for validation. Now I know I have my own path and can’t look to others for answers as everyone is doing something different and what is best for them. This is the first time I have had to consistently feed myself and plan out everything I need to do. I have definitely learned time management skills and hoot manage myself. I learned how to actually study as this semester has been more difficult than high school ever was. The amazing thing is I’m not going to stop learning and this semester is only the beginning as I will continue to learn and make even more memories.



My name is Connor Gregory and this is my E-portfolio, a sample of my academic journey at The Ohio State University.


Global Awareness: This would include any way I could learn about or help the world globally. This would include studying abroad and learning about a specific culture. This could also include raising money or supplies for underprivileged areas in the world or places that recently experienced a natural disaster.

Original Inquiry: As a pre-med student the most prominent example would be research. I plan to become involved with a lab and carry out research and with the help of my mentor and possibly my peers discover something new in the world of research.

Academic Enrichment: As a scholars student on a pre-med track a primary focus of mine is my studies. I need to take classes to prepare me for medical school as well as excel in them. Studying will be an important part of my life and my academic success at The Ohio State University.

Leadership Development: During my time here at Ohio State I hope to gain a leadership role in either a club or organization or possibly even start my own club.

Service Engagement: As a bio sci scholars student I have to give up a certain amount of my time to service. I have already participated in larger scale opportunities such as Community Commitment as well as help with a 5k run called Steps For Sarcoma. I will also find an organization I can help with on a more regular schedule.


On August 26, a few friends of mine went and volunteered for Community Commitment as a scholars event. This is when thousands of OSU students go around the Columbus Community and volunteer. My group helped pick up trash in the residential areas off of High Street. It was eye opening to realize how much trash was left outside in the streets, especially when many of those items could have been recycled. Not that I wasn’t aware before but this experience really helped put litter on a larger scale into perspective for me and how it can affect our local environment.


About Me

I, Connor Gregory, am going to be a freshman at THE Ohio State University in the Biological Sciences Scholar program and will be majoring in radiologic sciences and therapy. My plan is to follow a pre-med track and I wanted to pick a major other than biology or chemistry. I want to become a radiologist in the future so I thought this would be a helpful major but I may change it in the future. I am from Monclova Ohio which is a suburb outside of Toledo. This past spring I graduated from Anthony Wayne High School Summa Cum Laude. In high school I played baseball and was on the rowing team, which I was a captain sophomore, junior, and senior year. I enjoy staying active by playing sports casually or just going out for a run. I am a true die hard sports fan, especially with Ohio State football and basketball. I am also a fan of Ohio professional sport teams. I enjoy playing video games, playing cards, and just doing anything with friends too.


On May 27, 2017 I graduated from Anthony Wayne High School in Whitehouse Ohio. This was the start of my college journey as I moved on from high school with plans to attend The Ohio State University.