• The first ever greenhouse was created in Rome in 30 A.D.  when Emperor Tiberius became sick and was prescribed to eat one cucumber a day. It was built with stone walls for insulation and glass ceilings to let in light. Back then, most greenhouses were speculariums, or potted plants covered in Mica, a transparent mineral.
  • The first greenhouse in the US was built in Boston in 1737 by Andrew Faneuil. At this time, glass was widely available for building greenhouses.
  • In 1960 most greenhouses are made of plastic and galvanized steel.
  • Today there are many different types of greenhouses and methods for operations. These are talked about in the Standards and Best Practices page. Ohio ranks in the top 5 states of floriculture, bedding and gardening plants production, so the Columbus greenhouse community is a great place for the Greenhouse Gurus to explore!