Year of Service Synopsis

My service site was Northern Lights Library Homework Help. Homework Help was open Monday through Friday. It is a place for students grades K-12 can come and get assistance with their homework. Most of the students come every day and stay the whole 3 hours Homework Help is open. This is also usually a family event. Sibling, and cousins often come together and go home together. They will sit together and get help from the same volunteer. Homework Help has 2 full time staff and many volunteers. The full-time staff are responsible for organizing the volunteers and supplies. They even fill in as the volunteers when they are short, which happens quite often. Homework Help provides textbooks, pencils, paper, computers, printing, markers, crayons, glue, scissors for the students to use while they are there. A lot of these students do not have these supplies at home. There is between 110-150 students that attend every day, that is between homework help, reading buddies and the other youth programs the library offers. My Year of Serivce has been very influential on my career path as a teacher. It have thought a lot about my service and not just passively attended. My service site has taught me that I am passionate about the educational system and that I do not want any child to be behind no matter the time it takes to get them caught up. Because every student is worth the time and effort to be at the same level as their peers. I am greatful that my service site has opened me up to a whole world that I knew nothing about


Abigail Greene
3215 Golden Fox Trail 513-444-6631
Lebanon, OH 45036
The Ohio State University Columbus, OH
Bachelor Lic: Science-Math Education,
GPA 3.584

Mount Leadership Society:
 monthly community service around the city of Columbus
 Captain of Legacy Week; in charge of organizing various service projects for Mount members to participate in during the month of February
 Member Development Co-chair, responsible for planning events that promote leadership and connections amongst the group
County College and Career Fair Student Representative:
 worked with school principals, guidance counselors, and teachers as the students’ voice for what they wanted at the college fair.
Real Life:
 part of Cru weekly meetings and fellowship
 opportunities to lead bible study
Undergraduate Student Government:
 worked on a campaign for potential President and Vice President
Major Campus Events Committee:
• sponsorship chair for Ohio State’s Homecoming
• organize floats and sponsors for the Homecoming Parade
• help run other major, traditional campus events such as Welcome Week, Commencement Week, and Involvement fairs,

Imaginations at Work Day Care Lebanon, OH
Assistant teacher February 2016 – Present
responsible for daily care of preschoolers, plan educational activities

Plum Natural Soap Company Lebanon, OH
Store Manager May 2015 – August 2016
opened and closed the store every day and stocked shelves.
Dean’s List (Autumn 2016, Spring 2017)
Ague/ Haushatler Scholarship winner

Kathy Krajnak- Scholar’s Coordinator,
Zack Buchholz- Member Development Coordinator,
JoAnne Knapp- Imaginations at Work Day Care Director, 513-518-4550


This is a picture of the 105th Ohio State Homecoming Parade. It is hosted every fall and highlights the different student groups on campus, important faculty and staff, and various VIPs. As well as, displays the pride that the community, students, and alumni have for the university.
This fall I had the opportunity to plan the homecoming parade with 2 other undergraduate students. Through this experience I gained so many valuable skills. It allowed me to create connections to staff and faculty. It taught me a lot about responsibility, and not procrastinating. I learned that I am a person who does not usually remember to delegate tasks. Planning the parade taught me that I need to let go and delegate so that everything can get done the right way.
I will take these skills and use them as I plan other events around campus and later on in life. I am grateful for the experience and things that planning Ohio State’s homecoming parade taught me.

About Me

img_6112Hi my name is Abby Greene. I am a first year student majoring in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. After graduating I plan on entering Teach for America and giving back to the communities that need it most. After a few years of teaching I would like to return to school and get a Masters degree to become a guidance councilor. As a Mount Leadership Society Member, service is very important to me. I have participated in four mission trips around the country and abroad. I am also involved in Real Life and their Freshman Leadership Team. Outside of school I like to go exploring in the city of Columbus with my friends and family.

Year in Review

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The GOALS for Honors and Scholars stand for Global Awareness, Original Inquiry, Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development, and Service Engagement. To work towards the Global Awareness aspect I have taken American Sign Language and learned about Deaf culture. I have enjoyed learning about this whole other culture that occurs right under our noses. It has been a real eye opening experience to see our people’s lives are so different and as a hearing person I would never know.
Original Inquiry is one I hope to strive toward in the coming years. Being in a STEM field I have lots of opportunities to get into research. In the next 3 years I hope to be a part of a math research team.
The GEs I have taken do not really relate to my major. I wanted to take classes that were different and would broaden my horizons. I have taken 2 Hebrew Bible classes just because they relate to my religious believes and interests. Which has created not only an diverse academic experience.
My leadership development has been the biggest thing for me while at Ohio State. I have a leadership position inside of my scholars program. I am on Major Campus Events Committee, which plans the major, traditional events on campus. I am also am the student representative on the core planning team for Ohio State’s Sesquicentennial. I have been extremely blessed with an opportunity to lead in many different scenarios. My leadership skills have differently been the biggest growth experience throughout the last year.
Service Engagement has been a close second to leadership development. My scholars program has a service basis. The 2nd year is referred to as “The Year of Service”, where we are required to complete 75 hours of service. Also, during our first year we have monthly service events that we go to. I also have taken a Service Learning class. Where we are required to complete 30 hours of service for a class.