Welcome back for a new semester of broadcasts on the Modern Greek Radio! For their first broadcast, Yianni and Emily decided to stick to a topic close to their hearts and one they have personal experience with. They have constructed a broadcast on the topic of bilingualism and biculturalism with personal interviews and interviews with linguists, Professor Brian Joseph and Professor Spiros Moschonas.

Broadcast Outline:

Emily & Yianni Intro 00:00-1:40

Dr. Brian Joseph Intro 01:41-02:13         

Prof. Spiros Moschonas Intro 02:14-03:11

Yianni’s Bilingual Experience 03:12-04:32

Emily’s Bilingual Experience 04:33-05:22

Yianni’s Growing Comfort with Greek 05:23-07:06

The Beauty of a Bilingual Friend Group 07:07-07:30

Song Break 07:31-09:45

Dr. Brian Joseph on the definition of bilingualism 09:46-15:56

The Evolution of Language 15:57-21:15

Dr. Brian Joseph 15:57-19:22

Prof. Spiros Moschonas 19:2-21:15

The Characteristics of Bilingualism 21:16-25:06

Language as an Identity Marker 25:07-26:54

Juggling Two Languages and Identities 26:55-27:45

Prof. Spiros Moschonas on Language Weaved into Culture 27:46-28:52

Translatability 28:53-30:00

Song Break 30:01-32:38

Translatability cont. 32:39-36:06

Greek to English 32:39-35:05

English to Greek 35:06-36:06

The Different Environments of Bilingualism 36:07-39:24

Greeklish 39:25-40:30

Song Break 40:31-43:57

Prof. Spiros Moschonas on the Greek of Ohio 43:58-45:37

The Non-Verbal Communication 45:38-47:45

Code-switching and Identity 47:46-49:09

Language Influence Addressed by Dr. Brian Joseph 49:10-51:30

Closing Remarks 51:31-54:23



Professor Spiros Moschonas

Professor Brian Joseph









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Interview with Professor Spiros Moschonas: