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Nikos Stamos and Michael Pirovolos kick off their broadcast season with a show about their studies at the University of Athens THYESPA program during the summer of 2018. Special guests include their teachers Panaiotis Makropoulos, Lelia Panteloglou, THYESPA and OSU alumnus Thomas Papacostas, and fellow THYESPA classmates Frédéric Chanteur, Anastasia Soulas, Christopher Haritos, William Little, and Nikos Soulas.

Share the personal journey of Nikos and Michael in Athens. They not only completed a Greek Language Program at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, improved their language skills, and also traveled around Greece and connected with their heritage.

Tune in to learn about the OSU students’s summer studies in Greece, what they learned and  their funny experiences along the way!

Michael Pirovolos’ STEP Story at THYESPA

Christopher Haritos’ STEP Story at THYESPA

Broadcast Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Travel/Arrival
    • Flights
    • Airbnb
  • Interview with Dr. Panaiotis Makropoulos (6:15 )
    • Everyday life as a THYESPA student (17:25)
        • Transit to class: metro/bus/walking
  • Meeting Marina from Ukraine on the bus (20:50)
    • Thomas Papacostas Interview (21:10)
  • Class Placement/Program Interview
    •  Description of THYESPA placement (26:00)
  • Interview with Dr. Lelia Panteloglou (29:30)
    • Greek Dancing (39:40)
    • Ikariotiko (40:30)
  • Interviews with fellow students:
    • Frédéric Chanteur (41:40)
    • Anastasia Soulas(44:00)
    • Nikos Soulas (49:30)
    • Field trips with the program (55:15)
    • William Little (56:05)
    • Euboia and Zakynthos (59:40)
    • Christopher Haritos (1:00:50)

Michael and Niko enjoying a Greek dinner

Thanks to THYESPA founder Professor Panayiotis Kondos, to Kyria Maria Hantzisalata and THYESPA faculty Panaiotis Makropoulos and Lelia Panteloglou, to Litsa Kozyri, whose generosity made summer study affordable for several students, to Tim and Lita Gregory and the Australian Archaeological Institute for their hospitality, to Prof. Stavros Paspalas of the Australian Institute for introducing our students to the monuments of Athens, and to Peggy Myresiotou and College Year in Athens for their help in orienting OSU students to Athens.