March 9: Coffee with Yiayia (Καφέ με τη γιαγιά)

Sit back, relax, and drink some coffee as you listen to Athena, Emily and Niko chat with their yiayiades. The relationship between a yiayia and her grandchildren is one of a kind and this broadcast gives you a better understanding of what the word “yiayia” really means. They discuss their yiayia’s childhood, fond memories, leaving the village, cooking secrets and much more. Follow the links below for the sound file of the broadcast and a detailed summary.

Broadcast Audio Files:

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Broadcast Summary:

Coffee with Yiayia (English)

Καφέ με την Γιαγιά (Greek)

Emily Pandis with her yiayia Aimilia Pandi

Athena Patitsas with her yiayia Athena Dracopoulos


Introduction 0:00-1:50

 What is it to be a grandmother? 1:51-3:00

Emily’s grandmother—Mrs. Aimilia Pandi 3:01-22:57

Song: SoTiri, Avgolemono 4:34-7:00

Introduction 7:26-8:38

Childhood years 8:39-10:39

Meeting Grandfather 10:40-12:25

Jobs 12:26-13:04

Mother vs. Grandmother 13:05-17:17

Grandmother’s Cooking 17:18-17:55

Leaving the village 17:56-19:08

Everyday life 19:09-22:57

Song: Paola & Sotis Volanis, Giagia kai Pappous 22:58-25:13

Niko’s grandmother—Mrs. Athena Kardaris 25:13-46:28

            Introduction 25:47-27:22

Making a family 27:23-28:47

Proud of her family 28:48-30:04

Childhood years 30:05-31:20

Meeting Grandfather 31:21-34:40

Mother vs. Grandmother 34:41-36:01

Grandmother’s Prayer 36:02-38:22

Memories of the grandkids 38:23-40:10

Favorite grandchild 40:11-41:50

Cooking Tips 41:51-43:02

Grandmother’s Wisdom 43:03-46:28

Song: Nikos Karvelas, Kaimeni Giagia 46:29-48:52

 Athena’s grandmother—Mrs. Athena Dracopoulos 48:53-1:24:45

            Coming to the U.S. 48:53-53:11

Moving to Columbus 53:12-53:40

Childhood Memories 53:41-58:30

Returning to Greece 58:31-1:00:00

WWII 1:00:01-1:03:00

A Changing Village 1:03:01-1:06:00

Meeting Grandfather 1:06:01-1:10:40

Learning English 1:10:41-1:14:30

Grandmother’s Wisdom 1:14:31-1:16:34

Mother vs. Grandmother 1:16:35-1:19:56

Grandmother’s favorite cooking 1:19:57-1:20:50

Grandmother and Facebook 1:20:51-1:23:02

Grandmother’s best friends 1:23:03-1:24:45

Closing Statements 1:24:46-1:32:10