February 26: The Eptanisa (Τα Επτάνησα)

The Eptanisa, in English the Ionian Islands, are seven islands in the Ionian Sea on the Western coast of Greece and famous for their role in Homer’s Odyssey. Follow Athena, Emily and Niko as they explore their own roots in the Ionian Islands and conduct interviews with family members and friends of the OSU Modern Greek Program! They discuss the cultural influences, traditions, the cuisine and dialect of the Eptanisa. For a detailed outline of the broadcast and the sound files of the broadcast, follow the links below. Additionally, we have made the full script available.

Our guests for this broadcast include the Zakynthos-born artist and icon-painter Babis Pilarinos. To see his art, go here; the Sun, Moon and Goldilocks is a fairy tale from medieval Greece that Babis wrote and illustrated. He conducts Byzantine painting workshops in Greece and his atelier can be visited near the Athens Cathedral.

Another guest was Dr. Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory, an anthropologist and archaeologist from Kythera who with her husband Prof. Tim Gregory runs OSU excavations in Isthmia and Kythera and is Executive Officer of the Australian Archaeological Institute in Athens. For more information on OSU archaeology in Greece, go here.

We were also joined by Evgenia Lagou from Kefalonia, a Berkeley graduate active with U.S. Kefalonian associations.

To see pictures of some of family, friends, and some of our favorite places in the Eptanisa check out the gallery!

Broadcast Audio File:

MP3 file available here

Broadcast Summary


 Introduction 0:00- 4:14

Song: Rena Vlahopoulou, Kerkyra Kerkyra 4:17-5:08

Kerkyra 5:12-11:43

Introduction 5:12-5:49

Corfiot Easter 5:50-8:40

Cultural Influences 8:41-10:23

Corfiot Cuisine 10:24-11:43

Paxoi 11:44-14:07

Paxos in Mythology 11:56-12:46

Sea Urchins in Paxos 12:47-13:25

Beaches in Paxos 13:26-14:07

Song: Dimitra Doumeni & Foteini Darra, Stou Kairiou ti Zugaria 14:08-15:44

Zakynthos 15:45-34:38

Introduction 15:45-16:40

St. Dionysos of Zakynthos 16:42-17:49

Dionysios Solomos 17:50-18:50 (National Anthem of Greece—Hymn to Liberty)

Navagio Beach 18:53- 19:55

Interview with Cousin Spyro 19:56-24:07

Interview with Babis Pylarinos 24:08-34:38

Song: Miltiadias Pashalidis, Pinelopi 34:39- 35:40

Lefkada 35:41-43:52

Lefkada back in the day 35:42-36:38

Athena and her family in Lefkada today 36:39-42:20

Beaches in Lefkada 42:22-43:52

Song: Eis ton Afro tis Thalassas 43:53-45:49

Ithaki 45:50-53:12

            Introduction 45:50-49:07

Interview with Uncle Kosta 49:08-53:12

Kefalonia 53:13-1:13:45

Interview with Evgenia Lagou

Kythira 1:13:46-1:34:04

Interview with Dr. Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory

Closing statements 1:34:05-1:35:49