April 19: Where are They Now? (Πού Βρίσκονται Τώρα;)


The CLLC Radio Broadcast has now been streaming live for 7 years in the Modern Greek Department. Interested in listening to previous topics discussed by the students that may be your family, friends or former classmates? Athena, Emily and Niko tracked down many of the former students to see what they are up to now, how the CLLC Radio program helped their language skills and what advice they have for incoming students. The links below will guide you to a detailed outline if there a specific interview you wish to hear, and the links to audio files can be found there as well. The full script is available here.



Where are They Now? –Broadcast Summary

 Introduction 0:00-3:50

 Athena Patitsas 3:51-6:44

Song: Antonis Remos, Hartina Feggaria 6:45-8:08

Elli Kallinicou 8:08-11:44

Paris Gyparakis 11:45-25:10

Markella Kazes 25:11-30:37

Song: Mihalis Hatzigiannis, Xoris Anapnoi 30:38-32:28

Stavroula Pabst 32:29-37:10 

Modern Greek Department Graduating Ceremony 37:11-44:29

Athena Patitsa

Anna-Maria Thalassinou

Sofia Deligiannidou

Song: Mihalis Hatzigiannis, To Kalokairi Mou 44:30-46:29

Sitheris Fragoulis 46:30-53:35

 Mr. George Patitsas 53:36-54:56

Anna-Maria Thalassinou 55:47-58:14

Kostas Madias 58:15-1:04:10

Maria Nicoloulia 1:04:10-1:07:12

Giannis Kellis 1:07:13-1:11:50

 Song: Elena Paparizou, Mambo 1:11:51-1:14:41

Pedagogical Benefits of the Radio Broadcast Class 1:14:42-1:21:13

Paul Kotheimer 1:21:14-1:27:09

Dr. Christopher Brown 1:27:10-1:29:50

Closing statements 1:29:51-1:31:39

Song: Elli Kokkinou, Adiaforos 1:31:40-1:32:59

Broadcast Audio Files:


Broadcast Summary:

Where are They Now (English Summary)

Πού Βρίσκονται Τώρα (Ελληνικά)