Sports in Greece

Greece: The Birthplace of Athleticism and the Olympic Games

Dimitrios Siafarikas

4:20-7:40 Differences between the U.S. and Greece

7:45-8:00 Sports in Greece

8:10- 10:00 Navigating Ohio and Columbus

10:01-10:30 Finding Greece in the United States

23:25-25:00 Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, AEK, PAOK

Sitheris Fragoulis

10:31-11:19 Leaving Greece behind and creating a life in Ohio

11:20-11:40 What Greek sports do you follow?

17:30- 19:35 The Euro Cup: Greece’s victory as recalled by Dimitri and Sid in memories

20:45-21:25 What do you eat during a game? Where do you watch it?

21:26-23:00 Has soccer infiltrated the U.S. more so in the past years?

25:05-26:30 What team do YOU support?

Athena and Stavro continue to discuss how sports were born in Greece…starting with the Panathinaiko Stadium–the host of the 1896 Olympic Games. Currently, many of the venues from the 2004 Olympic Games help in Athens are currently abandoned, and our hosts, Athena and Stavro, discuss why this is and how the venues are being used for other purposes.

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