History and Information on the Modern Greek Program at OSU (Part II)

Why is the Modern Greek Department important? Athena and Stavro explore in depth the history and significance of the department to the students, the Greek community and the Greek Orthodox Church (…round 2)!

As discussed in the previous broadcast, the Modern Greek Department is trying to raise $2 million in order to establish a permanent fund for the program. The founders and facilitators that initiated the program have led the way for the establishment of the department, but what is its future, and how can we secure it? Athena and Stavro will discuss the outcome of the fundraiser at the Scioto Country Club meant to promote the continuation of the Modern Greek Program. Dr. Eliseos Taiganides, Dr. Peter Hahn, and Dr. Yiorgos Anagnostou spoke about the importance of the program for the future generations of students at Ohio State.

Both Athena and Stavro spoke at this fundraiser, and discuss this in the broadcast. Hear their thoughts on why a Modern Greek Program is important 2:48-3:44!

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Dr. Eliseos Taiganides

4:08-5:43 Life in Greece and Beyond

13:21-20:45 Making the journey to the United States  with the help of a scholarship

26:58-34:08 Personal Experiences with the Modern Greek Department starting in 1975

38:00-44:29 Greek Ethos (Ελληνικό Ήθος)

45:55-48:02 Where does the future of the Modern Greek Program lie?

Mr. Ilias Adamantidis

5:45-13:20 From a small village to the University of Arkansas

20:46-26:57 First contact with the Modern Greek Department at Ohio State and rallying for the continuation of the program

34:09-37:58 What is the importance of having the Modern Greek Department at Ohio State?

44:30-45:53 Reactions to the Scioto Country Club fundraiser

48:03- 49:28 Where does the future of the Modern Greek Program lie?

Dr. Eliseos Taiganides