History and Information on the Modern Greek Program at OSU


Athena and Stavro give us a quick snapshot of their Greek backgrounds, what inspired them to become a part of the Modern Greek Program, and introduce the foundation of the program: the faculty. Dr. Gregory Jusdanis, Dr. Yiorgos Anagnostou and Dr. Christopher Brown are the professors of the Modern Greek Department, while Dr. Brian Joseph, Dr. Timothy Gregory, Dr. Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory and Dr. Anthony Kaldellis examine a range of topics such as language, Byzantine history and archaeology in Greece. The establishment of this department would not have possible without the support of the faculty, the community and the desire to continue the teachings of the language and culture.

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Phaedon John Kozyris and Litsa Kozyri

Litsa Kozyris 6:58-11:15, 20:01-24:40, 30:11-36:06, 36:56-40:49

Mrs. Kozyris has been instrumental and generous to the Modern Greek Department. The Phaedon John Kozyris and Litsa Kozyris Travel Award allows and encourages students to pursue research in Greece or topics of Modern Greece in which language use is instrumental to the completion of this research.


Kosmas Synadinos 11:18-14:35, 24:41-28:42, 44:40-46:10, 49:29-52:17

Mr. Synadinos discusses coming to Ohio and how his involvement in the Columbus community has greatly impacted the Modern Greek Department. Project Paideia, as Mr. Synadinos explains, was the platform on which the program was built on, and the way the idea of the department was presented to the community and the platform by which the initial professors were hired.


Nick Alexander 14:38-20:00, 28:44-30:05, 36:08-36:55, 40:50-44:30, 46:11-49:27, 52:19-55:33

Mr. Alexander gives us a snapshot of how his heritage lead to involvement in the Columbus community and specifically in the Greek Orthodox Church. He explains how Greek faculty at Ohio State played an instrumental role in the establishment of the Modern Greek Department.

Dr. Yiorgos Anagnostou

Dr. Gregory Jusdanis

Dr. Christopher Brown