Plans after Graduation

In this broadcast Kristina and Antonia are going live from their bedrooms (due to quarantine) to discuss their majors, classes, career plans, and what they did/are currently doing to get there! Kristina was a senior and spoke about her plans for optometry school the following year and Antonia, who was a sophomore, spoke about plans for graduate school. Although they have different career plans, they discussed how many of the Greeks at OSU are in a STEM major and they talked about the overwhelming majority of pre-meds in Sigma. At the end of the broadcast they invited some friends, Niko Soulas and Nikhil Punwani, to talk about their college experience and career plans after graduation! Stay tuned for a whole broadcast dedicated to the Coronavirus pandemic, coming soon!


Kristina is a graduate of Ohio State with a biology major and now attends Midwestern Optometry School in Chicago, Illinois.

Antonia is a third-year neuroscience major and plans to attend graduate school for clinical neurospychology






Niko Soulas and Nikhil Punwani both plan to apply to medical school.



0:21 – Introductions

0:50 – Changes to life during the Pandemic

1:33 – Kristina’s plans following graduation

4:00 – Antonia on neuropsychology and research

6:00 – Optometry school requirements

7:27 – Optometry Admissions Test

8:30 – Optometry school prerequisites

10:15 – Modern Greek Programs

11:00 – Kristina’s path to optometry

12:45 – Antonia on her choice of research

14:00 – Optometry vs Ophthalmology

17:26 – Programs in Greece

22:00 – Sigma Students in pre-med

24:00 – Greek parents

29:30 – Interview with Niko Soulas and Nikhil Punwani