April 14, 2021: Yanni Patitsas and Dimitris Dracopoulos on Family Recollections of WWII and the Greek Civil War

On April 14, 2021 at 3:30pm, Yanni and Dimitris spoke about their family’s experiences throughout the WWII occupation of Greece, the Greek Civil War, and the their immigration to America in the 1950s. They were joined by two special guests, John Dracopoulos and George Patitsas, who shared their firsthand accounts of these difficult times in Modern Greek history, as well as their personal experiences coming to America as immigrants. Join us to learn more about Greek history through the firsthand accounts of Greek immigrants who lived through these times!

The broadcast can be heard here:

Broadcast Outline:

Yanni Intro- 0:00-1:44

Last Free Message in Athens Audio and explanation- 1:50-3:28

Dimitri Brief Summary of German Occupation- 3:30-10:16

Yanni Description and Playing of Synnefiasmeni Kyriaki- 10:18-12:00

Dimitri Brief Summary of Occupation (cont.)- 12:04-17:14

Interview with John Dracopoulos on Occupation- 17:14-26:48

Yanni Closing Statement on Occupation- 26:48-28:12

Dimitri Brief Summary of Greek Civil War- 28:12-32:10

Interview with John Dracopoulos on Civil War- 32:10-34:40

Yanni Closing Statement on Civil War- 34:40-35:40

Yanni Brief Summary on Adjustment to America- 35:42-38:50

Interview with George Patitsas on Adjustment- 38:54-44:22

Interview with John Dracopoulos on Adjustment- 44:24-48:30

Yanni Closing Statement on Adjustment to America- 48:30-49:36

Yanni, Dimitri, and John Final Remarks- 49:36-50:25

Final Song- 50:26-51:22

Bonus Final Remarks from Dimitri, John, and Yanni- 51:24-51:44

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