Summer Course 2024: Modern Greek for Classicists, July 8-13 in Athens, Greece

Following on last year’s successful course, a summer course of Modern Greek for Classicists will be offered again in summer, 2024, from July 8-13. There is no tuition charge, and admitted students will receive free lodging. Contact Christopher Brown at for application details.

International Modern Greek Seminar for Classicists

Διεθνές Σεμινάριο Νέα Ελληνικά για Κλασικούς Φιλολόγους

July 8-13, 2024, in Athens, Greece


University of Ljubljana

Ohio State University

University of Athens

Masaryk University of Brno


University of Athens, Department of Communication and Media Studies

Sofokleous 1 (Room 101)


Brian D. Joseph (Ohio State University)

Jerneja Kavčič (University of Ljubljana)

Kateřina Bočková Loudová (Masaryk University of Brno)

Spiros Moschonas (University of Athens)

Michalis Marinis (Ohio State University)


Preliminary program

Monday, July 8

9.00: Welcome

9.10–10.00: Introduction: Modern Greek for classicists: Goals and methods (Jerneja Kavčič)

Coffee break

10.20–11.50: Modern Greek for classicists (Jerneja Kavčič and Kateřina Bočková Loudová)

Lunch break

14.30: Acropolis Museum

Tuesday, July 9

Morning: Acropolis and surroundings

Lunch break

16.00–17.30: Modern Greek for classicists (Jerneja Kavčič)

17.40‒19.10: Lecture: Diglossia (Spiros Moschonas)

Wednesday, July 10

9.00‒10.30: Modern Greek for classicists (Jerneja Kavčič)

10.40‒11.30: Modern Greek for classicists (Kateřina Bočková Loudová)

Coffee break

11.50‒13.20: Lecture: When a stem aspires to become a prefix(Michalis Marinis)

Free afternoon/optional: National Archaeological Museum or Benaki Museum

Thursday, July 11

9.00‒10.30 Modern Greek for classicists (Jerneja Kavčič)

10.40‒11.30 Modern Greek for classicists (Kateřina Bočková Loudová)

Coffee break

11.50‒13.20: Lecture: Pronouns from Ancient to Modern Greek (Brian Joseph)

Lunch break

18.30: Panathenaic Stadium and dinner in a local taverna

Friday, July 12

9.00‒10.30: Modern Greek for classicists (Jerneja Kavčič)

Coffee break

10.50–12.20: Lecture: Modern Greek as a Balkan language (Brian Joseph)

Lunch break

18.00‒19.30: Modern Greek: Conversation with a native speaker (Michalis Marinis)

19.40: Closing ceremony

Saturday, July 13

Day trip to Peloponnese