A collaborative Greek language project

This website has been created by philologists and linguists at Ohio State University and the University of Ljubljana; we solicit suggestions, contributions, questions, and criticism from all readers. Suggestions of links and bibliography are especially welcome. Please add comments to the blog or contact the administrators by email at brown.2583@osu.edu

5 thoughts on “A collaborative Greek language project

  1. I think this website is an excellent idea. I have just recently been tracing the history of Greek pedagogy since the fifteenth century. It is especially interesting to note that up until Erasmus’s treatise on Greek and Latin pronunciation, everyone used the Byzantine (or “modern”) pronunciation of Greek to teach and learn ancient Greek. While I don’t advocate for using a modern pronunciation–I advocate for a restored “Hellenistic” pronunciation–I think we would do well to see ancient Greek as more of a living language than we do now. I have made an attempt myself to create many audio and video resources of Koine Greek texts, etc. Perhaps these resources can be of value for those interested in this website: https://www.KoineGreek.com

  2. I think any assistance one may find on the internet is a great idea for all students of the koine, classical or Attic Greek.

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