Chinese American Student Association

The Chinese American Student Association in conjunction with Pi Delta Psi held their Chinese New Year celebration on February 6. CASA also held a hot pot night on January 20. I attended and volunteered with setup for both of them and it was rewarding to see how the events went and brought people together to celebrate and learn about Chinese culture. I hope to apply and obtain an eboard position for this organization for next school year.

Injury Biomechanics Research Center

In February of 2016, I joined as an undergraduate research assistant in the Injury Biomechanics Research Center. At this time, I have not had the opportunity to help on any project. In general however, they utilize cadavers in tests to investigate how the body reacts in traumatic and injury causing situations. These tests provide a more realistic way of testing these situations compared to crash test dummies or artificial models.

Service Project – Asian Free Health Clinic

For my second year service project, I’m currently volunteering at the Asian Free Health Clinic provided by Asian American Community Services. They provide health services for people of all ethnicities that are uninsured and are in need of free healthcare. I currently create and maintain patient files, record data from visits, help patients fill out information forms, and schedule appointments. It is staffed by medical students  and a doctor who also volunteer their time to provide care.

Biomedical Engineering Society E Board

On February 10, the Biomedical Engineering Society held their elections for executive board positions. I ran and obtained the position of webmaster for the following school year. I will be in charge of maintaining and updating the society’s website and social media. I hope this will also allow me to get involved in other projects other eboard members work on in order to help provide career and social opportunities for fellow biomedical engineers.

2016 Leadership Summit

On January 30, I attended the 2016 Leadership Summit at the Blackwell Inn. It involved getting to meet other employees or students who wanted to be or were leaders within their company and on campus. There were speeches by the Chief World Class Operations officer of YUM Brands Rob Savage and the Ohio State football team’s leadership coach Tim Knight and they talked about what makes good leaders in how they lead by example and need to earn the repect and trust from those who are following. I attended two interview related breakout sessions as well which provided feedback and tips on how to interview and present yourself to the best of your ability. I think this was overall a great experience and hope to apply what I’ve learned in the future.