Water Across the World 2018- A note from Tiffany

One of my favorite parts of visiting Uganda is getting to work with local primary schools with our Water Across the World project. This project aims to teach students the importance of wetlands, forests, and aquatic organisms, and the role they play in water quality. This year we worked closely with the students and teachers from both St. Hildegard Primary School and the Lake Nabugabo Community Learning Center. They were all very excited to have us back to explore their water sources. We have also arranged the program to continue throughout the year, not just while we are there doing our fieldwork. Our amazing field staff, Mutebi, Kiberu, Ssegoya, and Geoffrey, will be working with these schools frequently so that they can begin to compile longer-term data from their local water sources. Some of the data they collect include: temperature, flow, water color, turbidity, and aquatic macro-invertebrates. I hope that by engaging students in this experiential learning process, I might be able to inspire some to become future scientists!

-Tiffany Atkinson


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