Major Service Project




For my major service project I have been a volunteer at the James Cancer Center. I am a volunteer in the MICU/SICU and help with the family waiting to see their loved ones, and communicating with doctors and nurses.

As a result of this experience I have gained knowledge of how hospitals and ICU works in regards to trauma care. I have also gained the knowledge that death is a natural part of life and how to help the patients and the family with the last few days of life. Majoring in Respiratory Therapy, I feel this is preparing me and giving me great experience of what I may encounter in the future.

A person I interacted with that made a positive impact on my life was the charge nurse. Whenever I had questions about a patient or how to inform the family members, she was always willing to help me. She really taught me how to be strong but yet empathetic in trying situations.

Because of this service experience, I am empathetic.

Informational Interview

Summarize any insights from the interview that might be helpful in your academic or career preparation.

I selected this person, Matthew Jurecki, to interview because he is a Respiratory Therapist and he also went to OSU and now works for The Cleveland Clinic. I knew I was applying for Respiratory Therapy and I figured he would would be a great source of knowledge as I am interested in a clinical setting. He was able to show me the Respiratory Therapy wing/floor and I was able to see all different types of jobs RT’s do within a day.

The major responsibilities he has on a day to day basis is observing all therapists, scheduling therapists, doing rounds, and managing the RT office space. He works clinically and responds to code blues, but also has the business aspect to his job and works to implement new roles and services at the Clinic.

The person prepared for this role over several years. After being deployed and coming back to the states he was able to reapply for the major and get in. He interviewed at the Clinic with new fresh ideas for the RT department. He understands that technology and the medical field is constantly evolving and it excites him and he wants his department within the Clinic to be in the loop and up on recent improvements to provide the best care for patients.

He gave me great advice on caring for individuals as each patient is different and each job within a day can be different. Death and dying is a normal part of life and he reminded me that our job is to make their last moments more enjoyable by doing the best and all we can. By staying calm and patient you will have the best results as a therapist.

Year in Review


At the beginning of my time as a Health Sciences Scholar I was just a new student overwhelmed with the course load and how to study and trying to meet and make new friends. I knew I wanted to do something in the health care field and I knew that I didn’t want to become a Doctor anymore, so I felt lost and confused. Now, I am a more confident student. I still am overwhelmed with the course load and sometimes I feel as if I have no idea how to study, but I found a major and got accepted into that major and my life feels a little more put together and has some purpose now. Once I finally found out major options and what my passions were it felt as if my time and struggle as a student finally meant something.

I would say overall I met my initial expectations for my first two years as a student. They flew by and were harder than I expected, but these first two years I grew a lot not only as a student but as a person and discovered a lot about myself that I never knew existed.

For my remaining time at OSU as a student my goal to get into my major is complete, so I plan to continue to work hard and do well in classes to always increase my GPA. Since I have worked ahead in my classes I hope to add on an Aging minor as I feel it would be extremely beneficial in the line of health care that I will be working in. I also hope to enjoy and truly cherish these last few years as a student.

Leadership Development

In my leadership development I feel as if I have grown the most in this category. I took a role as Director of Ceremonies within my sorority and planned all ceremonies according to our ritual. I also applied and became a Rho Gam for next year.

Health and Wellness

For my health and wellness aspect, I was struggling with mono the first part of the semester and I was able to take care of myself by going to the doctor, sleeping more, eating healthy, and getting 12 hours or more sleep every night and not pushing myself.

Academic Enrichment

For my Academic Enrichment section I feel as if this and my Original Inquiry go hand in hand. This semester since I had a harder and more intense classes I decided to branch out with my studies and find new ways to study and different places to study for example the study lounge at Giant Eagle. I also went out of my comfort zone and applied for an internship with Status Solutions.

Original Inquiry

For my original inquiry I was able to take higher level classes as a freshman and as a sophomore I enrolled in classes that were a part of my major that were normally scheduled to take junior or senior year. This not only helped me to get ahead in my studies but to also allow me to lighten up my schedule for junior and senior year to add on an Aging minor.

Global Awareness

Global Awareness: For my experience with Global Awareness I was able to attend the event at the Union with all different types of food from different countries and cultures. It was interesting to see how people dressed and what food is considered a staple to them, as I was not aware what other parts of the world do.

About Me


Madison Graham

The Ohio State University

Respiratory Therapy

Alpha Phi – Director of Ceremonies


I have recently been admitted to the Respiratory Therapy major of the School of Health and Rehabilitation at The Ohio State University. I will graduate in May 2018. During my time here I have become involved as a MICU/SICU volunteer at the James Cancer Center, taken a position within my sorority, and other various organizations such as BGLI, FYLI, and SEP. I also work as a nanny for Sitting Made Simple and hope to intern with Status Solutions this summer as a Customer Advocate Intern. Next year I will continue my role within PHA as a Rho Gam.