Curriculum Vitae


Graff, Harvey J.                                                                                                                                           2016

Curriculum Vitae


1970             Northwestern University, Bachelor of Arts, Honors in History (History and Sociology)

1971             University of Toronto, Master of Arts (History and History of Education)

1975             University of Toronto, Doctor of Philosophy (History and History of Education)

1973             Newberry Library Institute in Social, Demographic, and Family History, Certificate


Honors and Awards

1970             Phi Beta Kappa

1970–1971  Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

1973             Newberry Library Institute Fellowship, Spencer and Mellon Foundations

1973–1975  Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Canada) Fellowship in Urban Studies

1976             National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Fellowship [The Literacy Myth]

1976             Texas Committee for the Humanities Program Grant

1976–1977  Mathematics Social Science Board and National Science Foundation Grant

1977             The Swedish Institute, Guest Scholarship

1977             Umeå University, Sweden, Guest Scholar

1978             American Council of Learned Societies, Grant-in-Aid [The Literacy Myth]

1978             Texas Committee for the Humanities Publication Grant

1979–1980  National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, The Newberry Library [The Legacies of Literacy]

1979–1982  Spencer Fellowship, National Academy of Education

1985–1986  Newberry Library, Short-term Fellowship [Conflicting Paths]

1987             American Educational Studies Association Critics Choice Award Library [The Legacies of Literacy]

1988–1989  American Antiquarian Society/National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship [Conflicting Paths]

1991, 1992   Spencer Foundation Research Grants Library [Conflicting Paths]

1997–1998  University of Texas at Dallas Special Faculty Development Assignment for Research

1999–2000  Social Science History Association, President; Vice President, 1998-1999

2001             Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa, University of Linkoping, Sweden, for scholarly contributions

2001-            Swedish Bicentennial Research Fund, International Conference Grant (to University of Linkoping)

2002             University of Texas at San Antonio Faculty Development Leave for Research

2004-            Ohio Eminent Scholar in Literacy Studies

2004-            Literacy Studies @ OSU Initiative programming grants, Colleges of the Arts and Sciences and College of Humanities

2004-            Ohio State University, College of the Arts and Sciences, College of Humanities, and Institute for Collaborative Research and Public Humanities Awards to found and develop the Literacy Studies Working Group and LiteracyStudies@OSU Initiatives

2005             Distinguished Lecturer, Mary Lou Fulton Endowed Symposium Series, Arizona State University

2006-            Ohio State University, The Graduate School, Funding to Develop Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Literacy Studies

2007             Special Research Assignment, Ohio State University

2008-2010  Grant for Research and Creativity in the Arts and Humanities, Ohio State University

2010             Gartner Lecturer, Honors Program, Southern Methodist University

2010             Distinguished Undergraduate Research Mentor Award, Ohio State University

2011-2012  Faculty Professional Leave, Ohio State University

2013–2014  Birkelund Fellow, National Humanities Center (Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, declined)

2013             Social Science History Association Award for Unmatched Record of Participation in the Annual Meeting, 1976-2013 and Counting

2014             Visiting Professor/Scholar, Federal University of Minas Gerais and State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2015-2016 Center for Real Estate, Ohio State University, Research Grant

2016             Visiting Faculty Fellow, Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute, Southern Methodist University


Professional Employment

1975–1998  University of Texas at Dallas, Assistant to Associate (with tenure) to Professor of History and Humanities

1998–2004  University of Texas at San Antonio, Professor of History; doctoral faculty in Culture, Literacy, and Language, and English, graduate faculty in Public Administration; Director, Division of Behavioral and Cultural Sciences, 1998-1999

2004-            Ohio State University, Ohio Eminent Scholar in Literacy Studies and Professor of English and History; Director, LiteracyStudies@OSU



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