Tai accused of white terror over tailing claims

Recently a man named Benny Tai Yiu-ting, an academic scholar, gave a speech about Hong Kong independence and is now claiming that he is being tailed by “powerful agencies.” Officials now claim that he is “sowing white terror.” White terror or 白色恐怖 is a term that refers to violence against political dissidents which has its roots in France and more recently, Taiwan. The university that Professor Tai works for says that his words were twisted and the public is unfairly targeting him. Officials deny any involvement and suggest that Tai call the police if feeling threatened. Over 50 human rights groups are currently investigating the claims. The mainland has officially condemned Tai but people claim it is a political strawman to help pass further legislation.

The Standard is owned by Beijing-based news conglomerate Sing Tao which hold Pro-China views. Much of the language used describing Tai is negative, especially in the title. White Terror is a very politically charged term, especially in the region because of Taiwanese history. The article does however outline people defending him and note that there is an inquiry by human rights groups.

Image: Cheung, Tony. “Middle-Aged Occupy Protesters ‘Shameful’, Says Benny Tai.” South China Morning Post, 18 Aug. 2017,