Global Awareness: I am majoring in International Business, where I have to take a semester abroad. I plan to going to Paris for my study abroad to connect to the 3 semesters of French I have taken here at Ohio State

Original Inquiry: Mount has given me an opportunity to participate in multiple Summits where I gather insight on many different topics from experts. I am able to hear from professors and top professionals in their field.

Academic Enrichment: I decided to double major with Public Affairs to open up my academic opportunities. I have been able to attend many more academic events and meet many more people in the process.

Leadership Development: Some of the leadership skills I have developed in college are the ability to communicate in different ways and have different strategies to connect to people. I also have learned the importance of valuing the situation you step into as a leader and to use what you are given to its fullest potential. I have also learned the importance of valuing my team members as a leader

Service Engagement: I participate in an organization called RallyCaps, which plays sports with special needs children. I also worked with the Boys and Girls Club. I also, in partnership with KIPPColumbus and Gladden, created to community events for those programs.


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I want to pursue a major and a career that allows me to travel the world and experience all the cultural diversity and history in the world. It would allow me to expand my knowledge and would make my career much more memorable and exciting. I believe working in a field that allows me to travel gives me the opportunity to make a difference in many more places.



Sports has had a big impact on my life, teaching me how to understand all types of people, make strong relationships, and be a strong leader. The lessons I have learned through playing sports will help be throughout everything I do in life. I will always be involved in sports because I know what type of impact it can have on people


About Me

fullsizerenderMy name is Matthew Gorman and I am a freshman at The Ohio State University. I am in the Mount Leadership Scholars program and am in the University Exploration program.

My goal in college is to graduate with an undergraduate degree and be prepared to go into a job that I love and enjoy. I am interested in a major that focuses on working with numbers and helping underprivileged people.

I am participating in the club RallyCaps, which plays sports with children with disabilities. I love playing sports and love watching them too. I am from Freehold, New Jersey and am still learning the Columbus area. I took many honors and AP classes in high school and am looking to take higher level classes in college.