About Me

My name is Emily Goralski. I grew up and went to school in Miamisburg, Ohio. I’ve lived in Miamisburg for my whole life, but I could see myself staying in Columbus for most of my life. I chose Ohio State based on my own gut feeling. I didn’t go on any college visits after I visited here because I instantly knew that Ohio State was the college for me. The top selling points were the amazing engineering programs and the involved student life.

In high school, I participated in my school’s color guard. We traveled around the country performing and our season every year came to an end at WGI World Finals in Dayton, Ohio. This past year my school came in 9th place worldwide. I’ve been involved in color guard since 6th grade and I now teach color guard near Columbus at Westerville Central High School near Ohio State.

I was drawn to engineering because I love math and physics. I’ve always been gifted in math and that is probably part of why I enjoy it so much. I love school subjects that have concrete answers rather than generalized ideas. I like puzzles and problem solving and I can often be seen doing sudoku during my free time. I’ve loved word problems and logic puzzles from a young age.

My favorite thing so far about being a buckeye is the community. I think that Ohio State has a very welcoming campus despite its intimidating size and there is truly a place for everyone here on campus. I think that coming here was a wonderful decision and I cannot wait to see how the next 4 or so years go here on this beautiful campus.