Module 2: Communicating and Collaborating

Hello readers! This is Madison from Madison’s Blog, today’s information is out of ESEPSY 1159’s second module. We will be focusing on the importance of Netiquette yes, you heard that right. Netiquette is born from two words internet and etiquette it simmers down to really mean common courtesy when in use of the internet. We constantly use the internet for many different purposes rather that be enjoyment, education, or work. Additionally, we have to communicate with others using the internet but, we must know how to interact appropriately. Some common rules that apply when communicating on the web are:

1. No name calling or threatening others.

2. Write in terms that everyone can understand.

3. Do not post items that you do not have rights to.

4. Remember what you post can be seen by everyone.

are some rules just to name a few. It is highly important to remember this information especially in a discussion board of any kind. If you get upset with another individual and result to name calling it does not reflect well on you. You could possibly lose a job, scholarship, etc. do to not showing proper behavior. Which leads me into remembering what you post online. You must think about what you say before you type it just as much as when you will say it because once the message is out the sin is committed my friend.

In all I think everyone should brush up on their Netiquette skills every once in a while to remember proper behavior while in use of the web. This aids in keeping respect not only for you and your material online but others as well.

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