Lab News


Sept 2017 — Emma awarded NIH NRSA!

Huge congrats to Emma Wu Dowd for winning a prestigious 3-year NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Research Fellowship!

Aug 2017 — Welcome to the lab, Paul

Welcome to new graduate student Paul Scotti, who joins us from Sarah Shomstein’s & Steve Mitroff’s labs at GWU! Paul will be a joint student with our lab and the Leber lab.

May 2017 — Lots of congrats!

  • grad student Jiageng Chen for winning a 2017 Gibson Research Award for neuroimaging research
  • undergrad Janie Beaufore for successfully defending herĀ  honors thesis
  • undergrad alum Avni Bapat on a first-authored paper (Bapat, Shafer-Skelton, Kupitz, & Golomb, 2017 AP&P)
  • undergrad Matt Heard for landing a full-time lab manager position in Yune Lee’s Speech, Language, & Music Lab at OSU
  • research assistant Makaela Nartker for landing a full-time lab manager position in Jeremy Wolfe’s Visual Attention Lab at Harvard Med School

December 2016 — New lab papers

Congrats to Anna Shafer-Skelton on her first first-author publication: “Object-location binding across a saccade: A retinotopic Spatial Congruency Bias” (Shafer-Skelton, Kupitz, & Golomb, 2017 AP&P) and to Nonie Finlayson on her first fMRI paper: “Differential patterns of 2D location versus depth decoding along the visual hierarchy” (Finlayson, Zhang, & Golomb, 2017 NeuroImage)!
OSU press release

July 2016 — Lab comings and goings

Welcome to new postdoc Emma Wu Dowd (from Duke University) and new lab manager Samoni Nag (Emory University)! And a heart-felt goodbye & good luck to former lab manager Anna Shafer-Skelton, who is starting grad school at UCSD!

April 2016 — Anna awarded NSF GRF!

Big congrats to Anna Shafer-Skelton for winning a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Even more impressively, Anna was awarded the fellowship before even beginning grad school!

April 2016 — Press for J.Neurosci Paper

Our recently published paper in collaboration with Aleix Martinez’s lab (Srinivasan et al, 2016: “A neural basis of facial action recognition in humans”) just came out at Journal of Neuroscience and has been getting some press:
OSU Press Release
CBS News
Discover Magazine

March 2016 — Congrats to Xiaoli, Janie, & Emma

Congrats to grad student Xiaoli Zhang for winning a 2016 Gibson Research Award for neuroimaging research, and to undergraduate honors student Janie Beaufore for winning an Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship! Also congrats to incoming postdoc Emma Wu Dowd for being selected as an 2016-2017 OPAM organizer.

January 2016– Good luck, Nonie

Good luck to Nonie Finlayson as she moves to London to start a postdoc with Sam Schwarzkopf at UCL. We’ll miss you!

November 2015 — Michela & Marina awarded undergraduate research grants

Congrats to senior undergraduate researchers Michela Paradiso and Marina Barboza who were both awarded prestigious SBS Undergraduate Research Grants for their projects in the lab!

August 2015 — Welcome to the lab, Jiageng

Welcome to new graduate student Jiageng Chen, who joins us from Marisa Carrasco’s lab at NYU!

August 2015 — R01 grant funded

The lab was awarded a 5-year NIH R01 grant for behavioral, fMRI, and EEG studies of spatial stability.

May 2015 — Avni defends her honors thesis

Congrats to Avni Bapat for successfully defending her undergraduate honors thesis, “The influence of object movement on location and feature processing.” Not only did she pass with flying colors, but she did so a full year early! Great work, Avni!

March 2015 — Congrats, Dan

Congrats to Dan Berman for winning 2 recent awards! The 2015 H. Dean and Susan Regis Gibson Research Award (for outstanding brain imaging research), and a Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences Summer Graduate Fellowship.

September 2014 — Lab comings and goings

We’ve got lots of new faces around lab these days. Welcome to new lab manager Anna Shafer-Skelton (joining us from Harvard Vision Lab), and new grad students Xiaoli Zhang (from Tsinghua University in China) and Dan Berman (from right down the hall in Dirk Bernhardt-Walther’s lab). And a huge congrats / we’ll miss you to former lab manager Colin Kupitz, who is starting a PhD program in Cognitive Science at UC Irvine!

July 2014 — Paper accepted at JEP:General

“The influence of object location on identity: A “spatial congruency bias”” is now in press at JEP:General, co-authored by Colin and Carina!

April 2014 — Adeel & Avni awarded summer research fellowships

Congrats to Adeel Tausif and Avni Bapat who were BOTH awarded Undergraduate Education Summer Research Fellowships to continue their research projects in the lab this summer!

February 2014 — Julie selected as a Sloan Research Fellow

Julie was selected as a 2014 Sloan Research Fellow in Neuroscience, an early-career award from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

December 2013 — Paper accepted at Psych Science

“Feature binding errors after eye movements and shifts of attention”, including some of the first data collected in the lab!

October 2013 — Welcome to the lab, Nonie

Welcome to our new postdoc, Nonie Finlayson! Nonie comes to us from Univ. of Queensland in Australia, and arrived just in time for her first American Halloween!

April 2013 — Congrats, Carina

Carina Thiemann was awarded a prestigious Summer Fellowship from the Office of Undergraduate Research (one of only 13 students university-wide) to hang out with us in the lab all summer!

Sept 2012 — Welcome to the lab, Colin

Welcome to our inaugural lab member, Colin Kupitz! Colin hails from Nevada, where he recently graduated from University of Nevada, Reno and worked in Gideon Caplovitz’s lab.