College Transition Lecture Reflection

As I start college, I am most worried about being able to study properly for exams. In high school, I would study for an hour or two a few days before the test, and I would study a few hours the night before. This worked for me then, but I’m worried about my time management now because there is a lot more information to cover and I tend to study slowly.

I am most excited about the freedom I have now. I can decide by myself when and where to eat and what to do with my free time. Although I do miss my family, I’m excited for the opportunity to make my own schedule and decide what is most important for me without having to ask for permission.

From high school I’ve learned that I am a strong student when it comes to sciences like biology and chemistry, but I am also able to adapt to and do well in classes that I find less interesting, like english and history. I’ve already learned how to be disciplined when it comes to showing up to class and doing the classwork on time, so I believe this will greatly help me when it comes to college courses.

Any co-curricular activity that involves animals I am very interested in. I’ve already signed up for the Oval Dogs organization, and am excitedly awaiting our first meeting. I’m also very interested in getting involved in any activities that have to do with hiking or backpacking, as well as environmental clubs. During my second or third year, I would love to be an intern or work at Ohio State’s Veterinary school.

The piece of advice from the panel that most resonated with me was that it’s okay if I don’t know exactly what I want to major in right now because previously I felt so much pressure to declare a major. Most of the students on the panel are set to graduate on time, and some of them didn’t declare their majors until their sophomore year. The panel helped me understand that many students are going through the same choices as me, and that there are tons of resources I can take advantage of to help me decide what I really want to do.

Getting to Know Me

Hello! My name is Briar Golladay. I’m from Rocky River, a small suburb of Cleveland. I have always had a love for animals of all kinds, and I hope to use the knowledge I gain at Ohio State to help as many animals as I can. I am currently in the University Exploration Program, but I am leaning towards a major in Veterinary Medicine. I love learning biology and chemistry, and I’m excited to further my knowledge at OSU! During high school, I was able to shadow at a local animal hospital, and I got to see all of the things vets do on a daily basis. This also lead me towards the idea of majoring in Veterinary Medicine. No matter what I ultimately decide to study, I know Ohio State will be the perfect place for me to obtain all the knowledge I need to succeed!

Year in Review

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About Me

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