Andrew Gochenaur


Global Awareness:

I plan on working toward the goal of Global Awareness by pursing a major that focuses on the events that happen across the world. My current major of interest is Political Science, which gives me a wide breadth of knowledge pertaining to international relations, globalization, and other such world events. In addition, I am pursing a yet undetermined major or minor in German, which allow me to interact with a culturally different group of people.

Original Inquiry:

I plan on working toward the goal of Original Inquiry by putting in the time and effort to be a critical thinker. I am very adamant about not using my computer to look up facts and information while I do my homework or study, as I would like to be able to discover a solution on my own. I have been giving serious thought to writing my own thesis pertaining to the international relationships between the Middle East and the rest of the world. For now, the best I can do is to develop the skills to think for myself.

Academic Enrichment:

I plan on working toward the goal of Academic Enrichment by remaining invested in my degree planning and areas of study. I want to explore all possible opportunities that are academically available to me. Not since my freshman year in high school have I felt this desire to actually learn in school. At OSU, I am given a myriad of classes to choose from, and I feel this desire to pick classes that both pertain to my own major and minor interests, but as well as to fulfill my own creativity and curiosity.

Leadership Development:

I plan on working toward the goal of Leadership Development by being a model citizen and a model student. I want to influence and teach others, and become the kind of person who people can follow. A large contributor to fulfilling this goal for me would be my current interest in becoming a member of the Air Force ROTC detachment here at OSU. I look forward to the discipline and leadership experience that the U.S. Air Force can provide for me while being a member of this program.

Service Engagement:

I plan on working toward the goal of Service Engagement by being an active member of my community. Service was a key part of the high school I attended and the community I grew up in. I have great interest in joining some of the service clubs in campus, but I also think that a random act of kindness each day is highly underrated. A simple smile to someone you walk by, or helping a struggling classmate goes a long way towards improving OSU community overall.


There are only 2 months left in the semester and the pace is killing me. There are some aspects of college that are really pretty easy, but it’s the academic workload that drives me insane. I’m studying double what I did in high school.

All stress aside, I love college so far. the people are fantastic and I do enjoy my studying. There came a point in high school, particularly in my junior and senior years, where I just started going through the motions and not really caring about what I was learning. Now, I feel like I have that excitement I had as a kid: to learn new things and enjoy it.

Thompson Library

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Thompson Library is perhaps my favorite spot on campus. There are about 10 different spots I like to study in (or sleep in) throughout the building. Studying in the library is a very new experience for me, as the one in my high school was not very useful. Simply studying in a library is something I absolutely love about college. It sounds weird… but it’s almost like it makes me fully realize that I am a college student.

About Me

My name is Andrew Gochenaur and I am a current Freshman here at THE Ohio State University. The major I am pursuing is a B.S. in Political Science, as well as a minor in German. I am undecided as to whether or not I will be adding another major or minor to the list.

I grew up in Dayton, Ohio. I previously attended Archbishop Alter High School. My hobbies include musical theater, skiing, skeet shooting and video games.

My ambition is to one day hold elected office in the United States government. I hope to at some point serve my country through the military as well.

Favorite Quote: “Too often we judge other groups by their worst examples, while judging ourselves by our best intentions.”                                                                                                                                                                          –George W. Bush