This is the webpage for the Graduate Math Summer Minicourses.

These summer minicourses were inspired by those held at UT Austin, but the idea further has its genesis at the University of Michigan under Takumi Murayama.

The idea is to have minicourses offered by graduate students to graduate students, as a healthy addition to the culture of the OSU Mathematics Department, increasing interactions between people and allowing everyone to be aware of their colleagues’ research and interests.

We would like to emphasize that minicourses from all areas of mathematics are welcome (not only pure mathematics, but applied mathematics, as well as anything interesting with interactions with other areas of science).

It is important to take into consideration that the balancing act that is making your mini-course accessible while remaining interesting is not always an easy problem to solve. Especially in the time we find ourselves in, an additional goal should be to appeal to first- and second-year students who, in general, have some background but have typically not done too much deep diving into the area of their dissertation topic yet. Some topics which don’t seem to require an unreasonable amount of background are representation theory, spectral sequences and geometric group theory, and you’re very welcome to let us know about others that come to your mind!

If you have any questions or would like to offer a minicourse for the upcoming summer, please email Matthew Carr (carr.520) or Ivo Terek (terekcouto.1).