My Honors & Scholars GOALS

Global Awareness

As the daughter of an immigrant, I was raised to keep an open mind and appreciate that the world that I have grown up in is much larger and more diverse than I could ever imagine. I have always looked for ways to increase my global awareness by reaching out to others and using these interactions as a chance to view their different perspectives. As a student in a Spanish class here at Ohio State, I have been given the opportunity to talk with a native Spanish speaker as part of my curriculum. This task has made me realize the significance of communicating with people from other countries and learning about their cultures, as part of my goal to increase my global awareness. I am also considering studying abroad, for experiencing other cultures first-hand will allow me to appreciate such diversity and broaden my understanding of the world.

Original Inquiry

I have always found myself to be intrigued by the research process, even in smaller, more relaxed settings. This process has led me to a better understanding of subjects, even if the work was more challenging. I hope that the courses that I am enrolled in and that I look forward to taking in the future will allow me to engage in unique experiences to further my understanding of my course work, whether this is through in-class activities, or through independent experiences. As I continue on my path as an Honors student, I hope that I will encounter more individualized courses and possibilities to strengthen my background in original inquiry.

Academic Enrichment

In pursuing academic excellence, I plan on following a stimulating path that will put me out of my comfort zone and lead me to finding other interests that I would have never discovered otherwise. I will do this by using every chance I have to enroll in unique courses, even if they are just for a GE requirement. I see every class as a new chance to find my passions and allow me to incorporate this into my future aspirations.

Leadership Development

Even before my experience as an Honors student, I always pushed myself to be the best leader that I could. I did this by working with others in various organizations to make changes to our community and school. These past opportunities have contributed to my personal and intellectual development by engaging me with others and providing me with the skills needed to make changes around me. I plan on continuing to develop my leadership skills as a student at Ohio State by joining activism clubs and engaging myself in these organizations by working with others and reaching our goals to enhance our community.

Service Engagement

I have always committed myself to serving others and my community, whether it has been through random acts of kindness or fundraising for a specific cause. I plan on continuing this service throughout college and even after I graduate. One event that I plan on participating in is a program called “Feed the Funnel” in which students, faculty, and staff join together to pack 200,000 meals to donate to those in the Columbus area in need. I look forward to this experience to allow me to engage with and give back to my new community here in Columbus and to give me the opportunity to work with others for a common cause. I also hope that this event will lead me to other possibilities to serve my community.


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