Efficiency in the Digital Age

Time management is one of the most useful tools in toolbox of study and life skills of the average college student. Knowing how to manage your time effectively can be the difference in receiving an A or a B and I think time mismanagement is the underlying cause. I have become a pretty good manager of my time as I have learned many lessons on what not to do throughout my time at Ohio State. Are you having trouble managing your time?

First, I would map out a typical week and write down exactly how you are using your time each day. This will be a great indicator of where your time goes and if more time is needed in one area it will show you activities that could be replaced or excluded to make up for that needed time.

Second, I advise every student to religiously write down due dates for all assignments. This is quite frankly the best way not to forget about an assignment and serves as a reminder every time you see it.

Lastly, I want every student to know that saying “no” is okay especially if you say no to go study or do homework. Only true students take pride in their work and effort put forth on assignments. If you have to do homework just go do it! I promise there will be a party next week too.

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