General – Eastern Europe and Eurasia

On this page you will find general resources on Eastern Europe and Eurasia provided by the Center for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies (CSEEES). If you have questions about any of the resources or programs offered by CSEEES, please contact CSEEES’ outreach coordinator, Alicia Baca, at

Resources from CSEEES and OSU

  • Center for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies Website: Here you will find the resources and teacher training programs that CSEEES offers to K-12 educators.  Topics and formats are designed to align with Ohio education content standards. Through these activities, CSEEES fosters the 21st century learning and increased global competencies of Ohio K-12 students. All services and trainings are provided free-of-charge. Resources from external institutions can also be found on this page.
  • CSEEES Weekly Newsletter: The CSEEES Weekly is a weekly email newsletter of CSEEES events and news, as well as university and community news, events, and updates.
  • CSEEES Knowledge Bank Page: Knowledge Bank is an open access, free public digital repository hosted by The Ohio State University Libraries. Past presentations developed by CSEEES and unit plans and activities created by past teacher training participants have been uploaded to Knowledge Bank and are free to download, use, and modify. Items include PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, Russian language activities, and document based questions.
  • CSEEES Online Modules: To provide free, widely accessible content about Eastern Europe and Eurasia, CSEEES has worked with Ohio State faculty and graduate student experts to create online modules that are self-contained units of instruction for K-12 students and teachers, as well as community college educators and students. Modules are in a variety of formats, are fully accessible, and are made to provide users with additional resources and information to further their study of a topic and/or country. Below are links to the modules that we currently have available.
  • CSEEES YouTube Channel: CSEEES has recorded and posted on YouTube numerous videos from its past lectures. Additionally, CSEEES staff and interns have made videos and presentations on a variety of topics.
  • Origins Teacher Tools Page: Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective is a publication of Ohio State’s and Miami University’s Departments of History. They regular publish articles, book reviews, videos, and podcasts on timely historical subjects. Their Teacher Tools page has lesson plans available for K-12 teachers that utilize Origins articles and connects the topic with the New Ohio Learning Standards for Social Studies.

External Resources