Welcome K12 educators! Please use the links below or menu above to access the specific pages for a given Global Teacher Seminar. Lesson plans and materials from seminars, such as resource guides and background materials, are also found in the Teacher Resources section of this website.

Global Teacher Seminars:

2023 (July 17-21): Global Movement of Goods and People (1:30 – 4:30 ET, daily, M-F, Online)

2022 (June 27-30): Global Competency and the UN’s Global Goals

2021 (June 7-18): Global Protests and Social Justice Activism

2020 (June 1-5):  Where does our food come from? Global Agricultural and Economic Sustainability

2019 (June 3-7): Global Environmental Issues: The Problems, Solutions and Potential Outcomes

2017 (June 5-9): Human Rights in a Global Perspective: Mass Atrocities and State-Sponsored Violence

2016: Water Security for the 21st Century