Graduate Grant Recipients

graduate grant recipients

  • Natalia Zotova (Anthropology) Research Grant.  Religious affiliation, complex insecurities and stress: Central Asian Muslim immigrants in the U.S.  Project advisor: Jeffrey Cohen. Read more about Natalia’s research.
  • Sa’dia Rehman (Visual Art) Creative Grant.  Ethnographer/ Photographer, Episode 3: New York.  Project advisor: Suzanne Silver.  Read about Sa’dia’s Project.
  • Eleanor Paynter (Comparative Studies
) Research Grant.  Local Factors in Refugee Mobility and Integration: Oral Histories in Central Italy.  Project advisor: Amy Shuman. Read more about Eleanor’s research.
  • Carolin Mueller (Germanic Languages and Literatures
) Research Grant.  Tracing interactions and transformations in contemporary arts-based protest movements.  Project advisor: Dorothy Noyes.  Read more about Carolin’s research.
  • James Leow (Spanish and Portuguese) Research Grant. The voice of Mexican migrant workers.  Project advisor: Terrell A. Morgan
  • Nikki Freeman (History)  Research Grant.  A Time to Rebuild: The Education and Rehabilitation of Jewish Children in Postwar Germany and Poland, 1945 – 1953.  Project advisor: Robin Judd Read more about Nikki’s research.
  • Barbara Roth (Political Science)  Research Grant.  Post-Conflict Departure: Explaining Mass Migration Patterns After Genocide. Project advisor: Amanda Robinson
  • Josh Truett (Theatre and Sexuality Studies) Creative Grant.  Borders/Crossings/Dwellers.  Project advisor: Ana Elena Puga.  Read more about Josh’s research.
  • Mary McKay (Sociology) Research Grant.  This project aims to understand how the experiences of adult Somalian refugees influence mental and physical health.  Project advisor: Cynthia Colen
  • Randall Rowe (Russian and Slavic Studies)  Research Grant.  The goal of this project is to learn more about the individual journeys of immigrants from Russia and the former Soviet Union in the larger context of immigration to America.  Project advisor: Yana Hashamova
  • Brian Seilstad (Education)  Research Grant.  Looking at adolescent newcomer programs in schools.  Project advisor: Leslie C. Moore
  • Ali Isse (City and Regional Planning)  Research Grant.  Does City Policy Matter in Immigrant Integration? A Two-City Comparison among New African Immigrant Groups.  Project Advisor: Bernadette Hanlon
  • Renae Sullivan (History) Research Grant.  The position of South Asian female immigrant university students entering the United States, from 1917 to 1990, and the ways they impacted their receiving communities.  Project advisor: Mytheli Sreenivas Read more about Renae’s research.
  • Sara Halpern (History) Good-Bye, Shanghai!: The Emigration of European Jewish Families, 1945-1951.   Project advisor: Robin Judd Read more about Sara’s Research

Honorable Mention

  • Kelly Yotebieng (Anthropology) Research Grant.  Urban marginality and household resilience among Rwandan urban refugees in Cameroon.  Project advisor: Jennifer Syvertsten