Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members


Gifty Ako-Adounvo

Assistant Vice Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs
Research Interests:

  • Iconography of the “other” – especially Blacks
  • Material Culture

Mary Anne Beecher

Department Chairperson and Professor, Department of Designbeecher-17
Research Interests:
  • Visualization of mobility data
  • Material culture -> storage & mobility
  • Material culture -> Associations with home
  • Interior Design
  • Historic Preservation
  • Design History and Criticism

Hollie Nyseth Brehmbrehm-84

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
Research Interests:

  • How genocides (specifically in Rwanda and Bosnia) unfold
  • How countries rebuild in the aftermath of a genocide
  • Forced migration and victimization in/on the way to refugee camps
  • Sociology of Law
  • Criminology
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Comparative and International Sociology
  • Sociology of Human Rights
  • Transitional Justice
  • Political Sociology

Alexander Burryburry-7

Associate Professor and Grad Studies Chair, Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures
Research Interests:

  • Film adaptation
  • 19th- and 20th-century Russian lit
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Comparative literature

Joyce Chenchen_joyce1

Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural, Environmental, & Development Economics
Research Areas:

  • Characterizing temporary vs permanent migration
  • Environmental/climate factors in migration, especially in Bangladesh
  • Development Economics
  • Labor Economics – household decision-making, migration, health, education, and gender

Simone C. Drakedrake-194

Associate Professor and Vice Chair, Department of African American and African Studies
Research Interests

  • Visual and Popular Culture
  • Black Masculinities
  • Transnational Black Feminism
  • Critical Race, Gender, and Legal Studies
  • Literature of the African Diaspora in the Americas

Danielle Fosler-Lussierfosler-lussier-2

Professor, School of Music
Research Areas:

  • Music & globalization (migration & media)
  • music in international propaganda
  • musicians’ experience of internationalism
  • Musicology
  • Diplomatic History

Reanne Frankfrank-219

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Research Areas:

  • Population
  • Health & Medical

Bernadette Hanlonhanlon_for-web

Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Chair, City and Regional Planning Section at the Knowlton School
Research Interests:

  • Suburban transformation in the US
  • Suburban poverty
  • How the changing nature of US and suburbs intersects with global mobility.
  • How to better serve immigrant communities in the suburbs
  • The political economy of cities and suburbs
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Immigration
  • Urban environmental policy and planning

Richard Herrmannherrmann-1

Professor & Department Chair, Department of Political Science
Research Areas:

  • International relations, international security, and political psychology
  • The role of perception and imagery in foreign policy
  • The importance of nationalism and identity politics in world affairs
  • American foreign policy
  • The politics of the Middle East and Russia

Ludmila Isurin


Associate Professor, Department of Slavic and Eastern European Languages and Cultures, Center for Cognitive Science
Research Areas:

  • Memory, bilingualism, immigration and identity
  • Immigration and sense of home
  • Collective memory and immigration
  • Psycholinguistics and bilingualism (memory, lexical access)
  • First language attrition
  • Second language acquisition
  • Effects of the second language on the first (transfer)
  • Code-switching

Lynn Itagakiitagaki-5

Coordinator, Asian American Studies Program; Assistant Professor, Departments of English and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Research Areas:
  • Comparative racialization, interracial conflict
  • Gendered racial formation
  • Comparative race theory, feminist theory, and visual culture
  • How contemporary forms of spectatorship change the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
  • Interracial ethics
  • Women of color feminism
  • 20th/21st Century US literature by writers of color

Olga Kamenchukkamenchuko

School of Communications
Research Areas:

  • Cross-country comparative research (public opinion polls)
  • Stereotypes, prejudice, & social distancing in intercultural & international settings.
  • Migration & conflict management
  • Trust in authoritarian vs democratic societies
  • Internet and media regulation

Hannah Kosstrin


Assistant Professor, Department of Dance
Research Areas:

  • Jewishness and gender in modern and contemporary theatrical dance
  • Nationalism and diaspora -> how dance and cultural discourses circulate through people’s bodies via travel and migration and what the corporeal stakes of mobility entail
  • Dance History
  • Critical Theory
  • Laban Studies
  • Jewish Studies
  • Gender Studies

Erica Levin


Assistant Professor, Department of History of Art
Research Areas:

  • Avant-Garde and Experimental Cinema
  • Mediation of political violence and forms of networked subjectivity/imagined networks (vs older notion of imagined community)
  • Post-War and Contemporary Art
  • Performance
  • Media Studies
  • Film Theory
  • Visual Culture

Katherine Marino


Assistant Professor, Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Department of History
Research Areas:

  • American History; US history since 1877
  • Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality History

Glenn Martinez


Professor, Hispanic Linguistics and Chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Research Areas:

  • Spanish as a Heritage Language
  • Sociolinguistics of Borders
  • Language and Health Care
  • Language Policy and Planning

Thomas F. McDow


Assistant Professor, Department of History
Research Areas:

  • African, Indian Ocean, and World History
  • Mobility, Migration, Language, & Ethnicity
  • Cross-cultural trade and diaspora
  • HIV/AIDS, history of medicine
  • Islamic History
  • Comparative Empires
  • Power, Culture, and the State
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Nation


Hazel Morrow-Jones morrow-jones_for-web

Professor Emerita, City and Regional Planning Section at the Knowlton School, Associate Provost for Women’s Policy Initiatives, and Director of The Women’s Place at Ohio State
Research Areas:

  • home ownership
  • Movement and mobility
  • Decision making when buying a home
  • Downtown redevelopment to farmland preservation

Emily Neumeier


ACLS Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities at the Department of the History of Art
Research Areas:

  • Islamic calligraphy
  • Frontier studies
  • Modern/contemporary art
  • Islamic Art and Architecture
  • Ottoman Empire

Kris Paulsen paulsen-20

Assistant Professor, Department of History of Art and the Film Studies Program
Research Areas:

  • Contemporary Art, Film, Video & New Media
  • Media Studies

Daniel Pratt 

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures

Research Areas:

  • Central European literature
  • Polish literature
  • Intellectual history


Ana Elena Puga puga-5

Associate Professor, Literatures and Cultures of Latin America and the Department of Theatre
Research Areas:

  • Aesthetics and politics in Latin American and US Latino Performance
  • Latin American migration, performance, theatre – modern & contemporary


Danielle Schoon schoon-2

Lecturer, Department of Dance and Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Research Areas:

  • Turkish Culture
  • Turkish Literature in Translation
  • Romani (Gypsy) studies. Dance/performance studies.
  • Forced dislocation of Romani groups in Turkish cities and the “mobility” of cultural forms, especially dance
  • Education Abroad in Turkey
  • The Middle East in the Media
  • Ethnographies of Dance and Performance
  • Dance in Global Contexts


Johanna Sellman sellman-13

Interim Librarian, African Studies and Assistant Professor, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Research Areas:

  • Literature of migration in Arab contexts
  • Translation studies
  • Citizenship and border studies
  • Contemporary Arabic literature
  • Migration and Diaspora
  • Translation Studies
  • Visual Culture of the Middle East


Amy Shuman shuman-1

Professor, Department of English
Research Areas:

  • Narrative
  • Theory
  • Ethnic Identity
  • Critical Theory
  • Disability Studies
  • Literacy Studies
  • Asylum
  • Feminist Theory

Ryan Skinner skinner-176

Associate Professor, School of Music and Center for African Studies
Research Areas:

  • Ethnomusicology, Cultural Anthropology,
  • African Studies, Diaspora Studies


Jennifer Suchland suchland-15

Associate Professor, Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Center for Slavic and East European Studies
Research Areas:
  • Human Trafficking
  • Post-socialism
  • Decolonial & post-colonial theory
  • Theory, activism, and law
  • Critical Human Rights
  • Feminist Political Economy
  • Law & Cultural Studies
  • Transnational Feminist Studies


Lorraine Wallace lorraine

Director, Undergraduate Research Office and Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine



Isaac Weiner weiner-141

Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Studies and Center for Folklore Studies
Research Areas:

  • Religious diversity and American public life
  • Sensory/sonic cultures of American religions
  • Minority religious experience in the US
  • Sonic diversity of American religions
  • Religion and law
  • Material and sensory cultures of religion
  • Theory and method in the study of religion
  • Religious pluralism
  • American religions


Michelle C. Wibbelsman wibbelsman-1

Assistant Professor, Latin American Indigenous Cultures
Research Areas:

  • Latin American indigenous transnational migration & cosmopolitanism
  • South American Indigenous Cultures
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Ethnographic Studies