WOSU: Ice Cream With A Sprinkle Of India, From An Immigrant In Columbus

When a person leaves home, they leave behind friends, family, parts of their culture, and their food.  This story from WOSU tells the story of one immigrant who decided to bring a taste of home with her.

“Sitting within an unassuming strip mall in north Columbus, Mardi Gras looks like just another ice cream store. Inside, the chilled glass countertop is filled with the typical flavors – mint chocolate chip, butter pecan and strawberry ice cream.

“Turn to the adjacent wall, though, and you’ll see a large white board listing dozens of flavors found nowhere else – like kesar pista (a blend of saffron, cardamom and pistachio) or chickoo (a sweet tropical fruit originally found in Central America).

“These are all original flavors developed by the store’s owner, Mita Shah. For the last 17 years, she’s perfected these recipes using a unique mix of fruits, nuts and spices, many inspired by Indian cuisine.”

Continue reading or listen to the story here.

This unique ice cream parlor can be found at 1947 Hard Rd, at the intersection of Smoky Row Rd.


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