Global Minds Podcast

Hello Everyone,

We believe that having conversation is a good way to explore our current situation and expand our horizon by looking at other perspectives and stories. So, we started a podcast where we have those conversation and talk about various aspect of the world we are living in.

This is our first episode, enjoy, and tell us what you think!


April 2017: Referendum, Majority, Morality, and Global Minds 

We Welcome You

We are Global Minds, a club at OSU that is interested in learning the diversity of our community–both locally and globally.

Global Minds is an organization interested in connecting ourselves to the world and blurring the borders between nations. Our members consist of students who are interested in learning about different cultures, lives, and ideas. We aim to explore new and old cultures so students can be more empathetic and understanding of the vast diversity on our campus and in the world. In addition, we hope that members will form and strengthen relationships among people of different backgrounds, accepting and respecting one another.

While there are many student organizations that are interested in diversity, we want to be able to explore every culture fully. We recognize that everyone comes from a different background with different ideas, but we are all humans and all members of this one planet. Therefore, we want to find similarities among us, respect the differences, and assimilate ourselves in the melting pot culture where our values and ideas are influenced by our diverse environment.


We want to be the reflection of the world.