Ignasi Gozalo-Salellas (SPPO & Film Studies, Visiting Assistant Professor) – Contemporary Spanish visual culture; post-cinematic era; digital archives; cultural sovereignties; Iberian cultures; Catalan language and culture (Spanish, Catalan)

Harry Kashdan (FRIT, Postdoctoral Researcher) – Mediterranean food culture, comparative literature, food studies, Sephardi studies, cookbooks, contemporary, migration (Italian, Arabic, Ladino, French)

Carolina López-Ruiz (Classics, Professor) – Early Greece, Greek and Near Eastern literatures and mythologies, cultural contact in the ancient Mediterranean, colonization, ancient Iberia, Phoenicians (Greek, Latin, Spanish, Northwest Semitic Languages)

Dana Renga (FRIT, Associate Professor and Chair) – Italian television and film, visual culture and fascist colonialism and internal exile, global mafia studies (Italian)

Danielle V. Schoon (NELC, Lecturer) – cultural anthropology, dance and performance, Roma (Gypsies), modern Turkey, Istanbul, contemporary issues in Turkey, migration and mobility in the Mediterranean, globalization (Turkish, Spanish)

Johanna Sellman (NELC) –

Magda el-Sherbini (Thompson Library, Special Collections and Area Studies) – Mediterranean Studies librarian, Hindi, Islamic Studies. Near Eastern Languages and Culture, Persian Language and Literature, Turkish, Arabic Language and Literature, Islamic Studies, Near Eastern  Languages and Culture, Persian Language and Literature, Turkish Language and Literature

Marcus Ziemann (Classics, Doctoral Student) – Greek and Near Eastern interactions (primarily Greek Archaic and Classical periods); Archaic Greek poetry; Mesopotamian epics and literature; Neo-Assyrian history; Book of Isaiah; globalization (Ancient: Greek, Latin, Biblical Hebrew, Akkadian, Aramaic (Old/Imperial/Middle/Palestinian/Babylonian); Modern German, Italian, French)