GLI Projects

The Spring semester was comprised of our weekly meetings, monthly dinners and the completion of the group projects. The cohort members were divided into five groups of four based on social issues of their interest. The themes for the project were Technology, Immigration, Education, Social Equality, Environment, and Human Trafficking. The idea was for the teams to carry out a project that incorporated the global aspect of GLI with the local OSU community.

The planning and execution of the projects was challenging at times as these had to balance the projects on top of all their commitments. Nevertheless, the results of everyone’s projects were nothing short of success. Here are some examples of what our teams accomplished.

The Education team partnered with a local elementary school to share global themed books and have a story time with a group of elementary school students. This was perfect timing as it was “Celebrate Multiculturalism” week at Daniel Wright Elementary School.

Immigration team held a fundraiser at two locations on the OSU campus. The goal was to collect everyday household items specifically hygienic items and donate them to CRIS, a local organization that helps refugees and immigrants in Columbus resettle. The team was happy in the number of items collected.

The Social Equality team presented a documentary on The Freedom to Marry. They invited two guest speakers to have a discussion at the end of the documentary. A lot of students and staff also showed up to the event.

The Technology group presented on the importance of cyber security to a local high school students. This was an important lesson for the students  because information shared online negligently could be used negatively.

And the Environment team held a presentation on Free Trade in collaboration with representatives from a non profit called “Global Gifts.” 

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