GLI 2016-17: Recap of Autumn 2016

What a knockout group of insightful and talented individuals!

Autumn 2016 was a thrilling one – new cohort, new executive board, new guests – it was inevitable that the first semester of the GLI program would be a unique one in its own.

This cohort is lively.

They are spirited.

They are passionate.

And most importantly, they quickly embraced the utmost important quality that we seek in a selected GLI cohort member, which is the huge capacity for love. It was absolutely wonderful to watch as friendships were quickly formed within the first weeks of the new semester.

The Autumn semester was structured in a way that would provide the cohort members the skills and knowledge that would aid them in planning and preparing the projects that they will execute in the upcoming Spring semester. A total of six projects slowly started to take shape and are centered around the topics of social equality, environment, education, technology, human trafficking and immigration/refugees. These projects are incredibly challenge – not only were they provided with minimal starting points, but they also had to learn to take the initiative to reach out to their respective Columbus-based organisations that they would partner with.

Below is a summary of the past August 2016 itenary:


Weekly Meeting guests

Stephen Deadericks – Defining Leadership in Different Settings”

Jesus E. Melendez & Samantha Singer – “StrengthsQuest

Monthly Dinner guests

Caleb Craft – Learning & Development Specialist in Student Life Human Resources

JM Rayburn – Founding member of ForgeColumbus

Dr Gifty Ako-Adounvo – Assistant Vice-Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs

Tom Reeves – Director, Energy Management & Sustainability

Eric McGraw – President of Laonei Global Trade Consulting


Weekly Meeting guests:

Ainil Khalid & Rachel Beery – “How to Have Conversations” (10 October, 2016)

Jasmine Roberts – “Email Etiquette” (17 October, 2016)

Monthly Dinner guests:

Professor Janet Box-Steffensmeier – Divisional Dean, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Dean, Arts & Sciences Office of Graduate Studies; Professor in Political Science & Sociology

Sara Hall – Attorney at Gnoesis Group; Columbus International Program board member

Nancy Thompson – Director of Buckeye Careers


Weekly Meeting Guests:

Megan Lawther – “Culture & What Now After the Election” (14 November, 2016)

Dr. Larry Inks – “Talent Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership” (21 November, 2016)

Monthly Dinner Guests:

Ryan Lovell – Senior Director, Parent and Family Relations and Greek Life

Dr. Paul Carringer – Founder of Caring Marketing Solutions

Tim Sword – President of Greater Columbus Sister Cities International

Hannah Bonacci – Co-founder of the Akumanyi Foundation

A big thank you to our wonderful and inspirational guests for taking the time to share their experiences and perspective with the cohort! Not only was it incredibly motivational, but it was also very practical advice that could be applied to both our personal and professional lives.

We have exciting guests in the upcoming Spring semester too, as well as the traditional reveal of the 2017-18 incoming cohort in April!

Stay tuned for more!


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