Weekly Meeting: Open Doors Program


Monday, March 21, 2016
Guest Speaker: 
Adan Hussain, Program Coordinator at the Multicultural Center, Open Doors

This past week, we had a very exciting opportunity to welcome Adan Hussain from the Multicultural Center to lead a facilitation on the Open Doors Program. The goal of the facilitation was for our cohort members to understand exactly what bias is, what it looks like, and how do we as leaders interrupt it. The students did a fishbowl conversation that involved active discussion and active listening to hear each other’s thoughts on certain topics. At GLI and as global leaders, we believe that we need to address this issue not only on our campus, but in the community as well. Ultimately, this experiential exercise allowed us to recognize bias and how to intervene to reduce and/or prevent it from happening.

Adan, thank you for your time in leading this facilitation for our group!

Global Leadership Initiative 2015-2016

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