What is an e-Portfolio?

An e-portfolio is used for writing reflections, marking achievements, and sharing reflections and final products with the world. An e-portfolio should encourage reflection-based learning and helps students to track progress and mark major achievements and milestones in their academic journey (and later their career journey).  Recommendations for using ePortfolios in your teaching:

  • Connect course content with long-term learning goals that go beyond the course objectives. For example, gaining intercultural awareness.
  • Encourage students to keep an inward-facing part of their portfolio and an outward-facing part where they share milestones, achievements, or significant learnings.
  • Require reflection and evaluation. Perhaps assign a reflection on what students learned from the experience of cross-cultural teamwork.

The e-portfolio should result in a co-curricular transcript or list of competencies. A record of learning and achievement is kept in a private area, then shared publicly when a milestone is achieved or a significant reflection is recorded.  Content could include: strong papers, reflections on learning and fieldwork, creative expressions, curated collections, badges (Buckeye Badges), and any other artifact or evidence of learning or achievement.

Possible resume items:

  • academic writing experience,
  • publishing experience,
  • image research and curation experience,
  • cross-cultural communication experience;
  • teamwork experience;
  • project management experience.

Related skills demanded on the job market:

  • analytical skills,
  • written communication skills,
  • cross-cultural skills and intercultural awareness,
  • web content creation,
  • team-building skills,
  • interpersonal skills