Thanks so much to the Office of International Affairs for supporting this project, and to the Director of the Middle East Studies Center, Dr. Alam Payind who has allowed us to incubate it there. We thank the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures for supporting our work from the beginning, especially Professor and Chair Bob Holub. We thank our partner, Professor Joy McCorriston who helped launch this project originally. We thank Professor Merry Merryfield, who pioneered cross-cultural online learning at Ohio State and continues to be one of the leading scholars in the field of Global Education, from whom we draw inspiration. We also garnered input from Professor Tim Rhodus, Dr. Henry Griffy, and numerous colleagues presenting at the annual Excellence in Teaching Conference held at Ohio State.  We especially appreciate the presentation by Professor Kathy Harper, and Professor Rick Freuler, of the Engineering Department, on teamwork, and how to implement a cooperative learning group project. We thank the university’s Institute for Teaching and Learning for their financial support and guidance through this project. Finally, we would like to thank Mark Visco, CEO, Suitable, for his valuable insights on student learning and career success.