What We Learned From the Pilot

 What we learned from the 2017 pilot:

  • Even when ground rules are followed, students may find it difficult at first to listen actively to “the other.” They may take offense at stereotypes and perceptions of the U.S. We highly recommend setting aside a class to break down what occurred in the online discussions for this reason.
  • Teamwork was greatly enhanced by setting aside 2 classes to focus on the group project work and make progress together.  We also made team meeting check-ins a part of earning the Global Media project badge.
  • Writing is challenged by the tight timeframe of a semester. The Middle East Studies Center and ALX were able to support this e-book until its completion, but future iterations will include a simpler final product and writing will begin earlier in the semester.

You can learn more about the specifics on what we learned from the AU17 pilot in Turkish 2241 “Introduction to Turkish Culture” from our presentation recordings and materials. We gave presentations at AAC&U’s national e-Portfolio forum and the Academy of Teaching’s annual conference and OSU’ Innovate Conference.  You may also access a recording of a webinar.