The morning sessions and international games are taught by two undergraduate students in each language who took a two-credit training course with Prof. Aski in Spring semester 2019.

A graduate student assisted in the training course for undergraduate students, teaches the afternoon sessions on global citizenship, and assists Prof. Aski in running the camp.

Janice Aski

Janice Aski is Professor and Director of Italian Undergraduate Studies and the Italian Language Program at OSU. She specializes in historical Italian/Romance Linguistics and World Language Pedagogy. She is co-author of a monograph on Italian historical morphosyntax, co-author of the first-year elementary Italian language textbook, Avanti!, and the creator of the free, open-access only course, Purposeful, Interactive Foreign Language Teaching. From 2007-2015 she offered an after school Italian course at Indianola K-12, which gave her the idea for this summer camp.

Jessica Granger

Jessica Granger is a non-traditional student working toward a second Bachelor’s Degree in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a minor is her native tongue of Portuguese. Originally from New Jersey, Jessica has been a resident of Columbus for nearly ten years and is employed by the university’s hospital. Jessica coaches high school field hockey and teaches scuba diving in her free time. She is also an Army Veteran who enjoys traveling the world in search of new and fascinating cultures and languages and is so excited to impart that knowledge on your children.

Brian Collins

My name is Brian Collins, and I am 20 years old. I focus on Spanish linguistics in my studies at OSU, but I also study Portuguese and general linguistics. My plan is to pursue a Masters of Education in world languages to obtain a teaching license. I am an energetic and passionate guy that loves sharing what I know about languages with others and going on runs with my friends. When I was in high school, I participated in a teaching professions program, which gave me opportunities to work alongside teachers in elementary, middle and high schools. I also won a national lesson-planning competition. These experiences, along with an experience I had abroad in Chile, have confirmed my desire to be a foreign language teacher. I hope to impart an appreciation—and maybe even a love—for language and culture in all of my future students!

Elena Akers

Elena Akers is a third-year undergraduate student double-majoring in International Studies and German.  She started learning German in high school to rival a friend, but she ended up falling completely in love with the language.  She has always been passionate about the world and cross-cultural understanding, and she hopes that the Global Citizen Summer Camp is a great opportunity to share that passion!  In addition to her studies, Elena has been involved on campus with International Affairs Scholars, Undergraduate Student Government, and as a volunteer mentor for Community Refugee and Immigration Services.  After studying abroad in Dresden, Germany, in 2017, she was motivated to start a research project related to aspects of German political culture.  Following her graduation from Ohio State, she hopes to continue to graduate school and eventually work as a Foreign Service Officer, where she can travel the world and learn languages for a living.

Jackie Brady

Jackie is a second year at Ohio State majoring in French and Arts Management and minoring in dance. She doesn’t quite know what she wants to do with her degree, but is looking into a career in professional miming. Outside of school, she is a part of OSU’s student radio and Mad Royal Film Society. She is also a Relationship Education and Violence Prevention ambassador.

Some of her most favorite activities include making art, taking long walks with her friends, watching movies, reading, and listening to mellow 60’s music while driving late at night. Jackie’s super stoked to be teaching French this summer and is looking forward to a fun-filled week o’ foreign language!

Pierce Ciccone

My name is Pierce Ciccone. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but grew up in Columbus, Ohio. I am currently a senior at the Ohio State University majoring in Romance Studies and minoring in Global Public Health. I plan on attending medical school next year and hope to work abroad in Italy or a Latin American country where I can utilize both my medical knowledge and practice my Spanish or Italian. I spend my free time working in a Muscular Dystrophy Research lab, as well as in nonprofit center for people with physical disabilities called Creative Living. I am passionate about learning language and pattern recognition. I find science to be a collection of “languages” per se in itself. For example, the nomenclature of organic chemistry, the reaction schemes of general chemistry, the amino acid sequencing of biochemistry, etc. are systems of communication that follow rules and structures just like other languages. I also volunteer at the James Cancer hospital, work with CRIS, an immigration and refugee support organization and mentor Exploration students trying to find their future majors. I am excited for the summer and to be able to dive into teaching Italian!

Indeep Janda

Hi! My name is Indeep Janda, and I am a fourth-year senior at the Ohio State University pursuing a dual degree in Biology and French. I became interested in teaching and learning about the process of teaching a second language because my own experiences learning French were amazing and invaluable, and I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to expand and enrich their world the way I was and am able to through the acquisition of a foreign language. In addition to what I’m studying, I’m very interested in issues of global social justice and global issues, and I hope to one day become a lawyer in order to help heal the world of many of the problems it’s facing today. 🙂

Ryane Sergent

Ryane Sergent is a third-year student at The Ohio State University with a major in Romance Studies and a minor in Linguistics. She has a passion for languages and their inner workings and loves to travel. She has lived all over the United States as well as in Italy for three years, so the Italian language holds a special place in her heart. She hopes to share her love of language and inspire others to pursue language learning.


All instructors have completed background checks.