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Early Bird registration/payment deadline is May 1st. (The cost is $125).

Final registration/payment deadline is May 15th . (The cost is $135).

Please make your check out to “The Ohio State University” and mail it to:
Janice M. Aski
Professor and Director of the Italian Language Program
The Ohio State University
Department of French and Italian
200 Hagerty Hall
1775 College Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Global Citizen Camp Registration Form

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Behavior Rules

Students are expected to:

• behave kindly and respectfully to their peers and instructors at all times;
• be cooperative and helpful;
• support their classmates;
• listen attentively during all presentations;
• engage actively in activities;
• follow all rules, including those regarding safety.

I understand that if my child is found to be in violation of behavioral rules, he or she will not be permitted to continue participating in the program, and I may be required to pick him or her up if this should happen.

Photo Release Permission

I give permission for photographs and video of my child to appear in Global Citizen Summer Camp publicity material.

Emergency Treatment Permission

I give permission to the staff to authorize medical personnel to render emergency treatment to my child if such personnel deem it necessary.