Electric Super Cars


I recently gave a presentation to my Green Engineering Scholars group about electric super cars. Electric super cars are the vehicles of tomorrow. They are high performance battery powered vehicles. Using battery power allows the cars to receive their energy from more sustainable sources of energy, such as nuclear and wind power. Companies today are already producing electric cars that are competitive with gasoline powered vehicles. Though my research, I discovered that better batteries are being developed today that are many times better than today’s current batteries. New technological advancements will electric super cars to overshadow tradition gasoline vehicles as the main mode of transportation.



Academic Enrichment

A goal that I have completed in my pursuit of academic enrichment was graduating high school with Summa Cum Laude Honors. A goal that I hope to complete in the future is to graduate from OSU with Latin Honors. A potential obstacle that I need to overcome to achieve this goal is to discover the best way to manage my time and energy in order to receive the best grades possible. There are many resources around campus for me to achieve this goal. I have the opportunity to go my professors for help during office hours for more personal help with classes. There are also specialized tutoring centers around campus to assist students with subjects like calculus and physics.


Service Engagement

In high school, I pursued service engagement by participating in National Honor Society. Throughout my Junior and Senior years, I dedicated at least 5 hours a month to community service with my NHS group. I plan to pursue service as an OSU student by being a part of the Green Engineering scholars group. One obstacle that I will need to overcome in my pursuit of service will be managing my time so that I can finish the work I need to get done and find time to help others in the community. My GES advisor, Elizabeth Riter, provides my scholars group with opportunities for service in the OSU campus area. If ever am searching for an opportunity to do community service, she could point me in the right direction.

About Me

Hello, my name is Logan Glenwright. I am from Ontario, Ohio, which is near Mansfield. The high school I went to was relatively small (my graduating class included about 150 students), but I have been to schools much larger. Some of my favorite things to do include playing tennis, basketball, and watching movies. My major is Aerospace Engineering, which I am very excited about. Figuring out how things work and learning new things have always been two activities that I have enjoyed. I have also always loved science and math in school, so engineering seems like the right fit for me. I have both the dedication and appropriate skills to be successful in the field of engineering.

Year in Review

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