G.O.A.L.S. Statement

I plan to include global awareness into my undergraduate experience in many ways. To me, global awareness is not merely traveling to different places. Global awareness, instead, is exploring the political, social, and economic differences in many cultures. This means truly getting involved in a community, and stepping outside of the “tourist” confinements. I think studying abroad would be a tremendous way to delve into other cultures. Living in a foreign country, adapting to a new society, and seeing cultural differences first-hand will, almost without effort, expand ones global awareness. Developing an educated global perspective at the end of my undergraduate career is a very important priority of mine. In today’s day and age, being educated in many cultures is an incredibly useful tool to have.

Undergraduate research is a definitely on my “undergraduate bucket list”.  I would love to experience research with some of the top researches across campus, and see the experimental process up close. I would love to experience research and learn how it contributes to many of today’s uncertainties and challenges. In addition to research, being a part of a student orchestra would be something extraordinary. Having played violin for fourteen years, I think continuing to contribute to creative developments through music is incredibly beneficial.

I chose to undergo a psychology major with a pre-med track in order to fulfil my desire to make an impact on others with my career. Though the honors coursework is rigorous, I believe getting the chance to challenge myself on an academic scale will, in effect, shape my mind in many ways–all in the hopes to reach my greatest potential.

I am involved in Medlife on campus, which serves as a pre-medical club focused on offering opportunities to undergraduate students looking to learn more about the medical field. I also started “The Dementia Project” on campus, which is a service organization focused on delivering a musically therapeutic experience to memory-care facilities, educating peers on the disease, and spreading awareness. Leadership opportunities has developed me to not only think independently, but also act independently in a manner that impacts others.

I am currently involved in service opportunities related to Alzheimers disease. I have had a passion for this disease since the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. Through the service group that I developed on campus, I hope to continue this line of service throughout my undergraduate experience. I also would love to get involved in more medical service opportunities in Columbus as well as around the world! My experience with service has greatly influenced my opinion on social issues. By seeing individuals struggle in certain situations, my mind has been warped in a way that no longer sees political concerns as an issue on paper. This has developed a passion within me to “personalize” all political debates, so that others can see the affects that political decisions make on real people.