Welcome to the Great Lakes Exoplanet Area Meeting (GLEAM) 2022!

GLEAM 2022 will be held in the Ohio Union on the campus of the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH, on November 17-18, 2022.

We invite all researchers in exoplanets and related fields, including star and planet formation and planetary science, in the Great Lakes region to attend the conference. The purpose of the meeting is to show the breadth and depth of ongoing work and encourage collaboration among researchers in the region, and to introduce those new to the region to our community. We particularly encourage new postdocs and faculty arriving in the region in 2022 to attend. This meeting builds upon earlier conferences hosted by Chicago and Northwestern, and last year’s edition hosted by Michigan.

Registration is free, and hotel accommodations will be provided for students. More details can be found on the Travel & Accommodations page.

In addition to contributed talks, we will solicit 1-minute flash talks in lieu of a poster session.

In order to facilitate networking and collaboration, this is an in-person conference and we do not plan to offer a hybrid option.


Marshall Johnson (OSU; Chair)
Alison Duck (OSU)
Matthias Yang He (Notre Dame)
David Martin (OSU)


Scott Gaudi
Marshall Johnson
Kristy Krehnovi
David Martin
Ji Wang


GLEAM 2022 is supported by the Jefferson Chair for Space Exploration and the Ohio State University Department of Astronomy.

Banner image credit: NASA/Carleton College